Hulk Hogan Verbally Agrees to WWE Deal?

Hulk Hogan reportedly has agreed to work with World Wrestling Entertainment again for a short-term run with the company according to a report by

Their report mentions that although Hogan has not signed a legends deal, he has verbally agreed to work a match and there is even talk of him being a surprised entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble. Examiner wrote the following about Hogan’s return to the company:

“We knew this would happen at some point. It’s my understanding that there isn’t a contract in place, but there’s a verbal agreement that will move forward. It’s just a good fit for everybody involved, especially with the milestone WrestleMania 30 coming up. Hogan needed to finish up his stuff with TNA and just come home.”

As of this writing, we can’t officially confirm any of the claims in their report, so take it with a grain of salt.

Brooke Hogan’s Wardrobe Malfunction…..

  • Jay

    This is great news.Welcome back home brotha

  • captainbuck

    Haters? How’s my source sounding now?

    He’s gone, Bischoff is gone, End of Sept beginning of Oct it all hit…
    Glad TNA does have a chance without him and they should still be sold and reincorporate. Hopefully it all gets more competitive.

  • John Jugovic

    I Am So Happy !! Hogan vs Orton at WM 30 And Hogan retires with the belt !!

    • Phantom90

      Orton sucks, even though Cena sucks, I would like him to face Hogan because both Hogan and Cena are the most hated people in wrestling by us adult fans. 18+.

  • The huntress in the night

    The examiner.. great news source.. lol But if this is true, who really cares if he does come back, again. He already has a legends contract he was the first to sign one.

    • Phantom90

      I didn’t know he had a legends contact, you would think he would make at least one appearance since his match with The Rock at WM18.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Hogan needs to rethink it. After like 15 surgeries, does he want to end up crippled? He can’t keep up with anybody anymore. The match would have to be slow and boring as hell. After numerous knee and back surgeries, one more match is one too many.

  • scott

    Hogan vs Warrior at Wrestlemania 30.
    Bring it.

  • Justin Powell

    hogan comes in as number 30 cleans house and wins the rumble for a third time and then goes on to wrestlemania to face the champ and headline it for one more time.

  • mike

    HOPEFULLY THIS IS JUST A RUMOR….if I gotta listen to this idiot say at the end of the day 1 more time …hogan just go away

    • Waylon Mercy

      I wish fans like you would just go away

      • mike

        whatever….he’s a joke…always was and always will be…he cares nothing about the fans…only himself

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Don’t do it WWE, Hogan ran TNA into a funk plus his too old to do anything

  • mike

    say ur prayers and eat ur vitamins waylon…..the hulk loves ur money…i mean u u lil hulkamaniac!