Identity of Bully Ray’s Lawyer, Steiner vs. TNA, Backstage with Manik


– Embedded in the video below is footage following Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode of Manik backstage without his mask on talking about his life before TNA.

– Former ECW Wrestler Axl Rotten revealed on twitter that Bully Ray’s lawyer is none other than OVW announcer Dean Hill.

– A hearing is scheduled today in Nashville for TNA’s lawsuit against former employee, Scott Steiner. TNA filed a suit several months ago attempting to silence Steiner for disparaging things he said about the company, executives and personalities on his Twitter account.

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    • Nitwit, even that wouldn’t boost TNA’s ratings. They’re helpless over there. Have you not figured that out yet?

      • See if there is a “sarcasm” app that you can use along with spell-check before you reply to other’s posts.


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