Identity of the Person Ryback Hazed, Sunny Appearance, 2K Panel Note

– published an article on the WWE 2K Video Game presentation over the weekend and how Ric Flair’s behavior marred the proceedings.

– Tammy “Sunny” Sytch” will be appearing at Pro Wrestling World in the Merchants Square Mall at 1901 S. 12th St in Allentown, PA this Saturday from noon to 3PM. Autographs and photos cost $15, while autograph and photo combos will be available for $25.

– The individual that got the “Ryback treatment” on Monday’s Raw episode was an independent wrestler named Christian Cole. Cole world for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in the past. Former CZW Champion Drake Younger was bullied this past Friday on SmackDown.

WWE Working on Major Back-up Plans, Corporate Storyline at WM XXX…

  • Gregory Johnson

    Thought the WWE promoted an anti-bulling campaign. Then they pull this crap with Ryback who is a Goldberg wannabe, but never will be. The treatment of Daniel Bryan to promote a story line with the McMahon’s was pathetic at best. Please stay behind the cameras where you belong. TNA might be smaller, but the wrestling is superior

  • Rene Ramirez

    Gregory Hell yea you are right in every aspect