Impact Wrestling Rebellion Results – Night 1: Shamrock vs Callihan


April 21st, 2020
IMPACT Rebellion
Nashville, TN

The show opens with a poem by Charles Bukowski because…hell…why not?

oVe vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Crazzy Steve

Jake & Dreamer start the match. Jake outwrestles Dreamer. We take a moment to let Tommy Dreamer try to do a kip-up. Steve & Rhino help Dreamer do a kip-up. Dreamer takes control and tags in Crazzy Steve.

Jake gets double teamed by Steve & Dreamer. Fulton tags in. Rhino tags in and punishes Fulton. Dave tags in. Rhino beats up Dave. Steve tags in.

Steve punishes Dave and hits a corner cannonball. Fulton tags in. Rhino tags in. Fulton & The Crists torment Rhino. Dave tags in. Steve tags in. Dave beats up Steve. Jake tags in.

Dreamer tags in and gets in some offense. Rhino tags in and clears house. All six men brawl. Fulton press slams Steve to the floor. Rhino Gores Dave for the pinfall in 9:33.

WINNERS: Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Crazzy Steve

Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne rundown the card. Josh Matthews interviews Eddie Edwards.

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