Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory PPV Results: Brian Cage vs Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock Returns, X-Division Ladder Match & More


Impact Wrestling: Bound for Glory Results
October 20, 2019
Chicago, IL

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Think Royal Rumble. #1 is Eddie Edwards. #2 is Alex Thornstowe from Reno Scum. Eddie beats him up for a few minutes before Luster the Legend comes out to help his Reno Scum partner. They double team him as the crowd chants “You Look Stupid” at Luster. #4 is Jake Something from The Deaners, who fights off Reno and helps out Eddie with some big right hooks. #5 is Rohit Raju from the Desi Hit Squad who goes right after Jake, adding to the heel numbers.

Time for #6… JOEY RYAN IS HERE! Joey gets the biggest pop so far. Thornstowe comes off the top rope but runs into double boots, collapsing right between Joey’s legs. Rohit is forced to grab his penis, and Luster is then forced to grab Rohit’s penis. This ends with everyone grabbing everyone’s junk, and the whole gang getting Dick Flipped. God bless Joey Ryan.

#7 is Havok. We have our first Knockout in the match! She starts throwing bodies left and right, and Jake is the first to go over the ropes. Rosemary is next at #8 and the crowd gives her a huge chant. The two get after it with wild rights and lefts and tease eliminating each other, until Madmen Fulton comes out at #9 to clean house. Havok and Rosemary work together and try to clothesline him over the ropes, but Fulton ducks it and eliminates them both. He turns around and Joey puts his blowpop in his mouth, then drops him with a super kick.

#10 is the other Deaner. Madmen recovered and tossed out Joey, much to the displeasure of the Chicago crowd. Dean tries to take the big man down but gets chokeslammed on the apron, and that’s all she wrote. #11 is… Johnny Swinger! He doesn’t want to get in the ring with Fulton, for good reason, and decides to hang out for a bit. HERE COMES BIG MAMA PUMP! Jordynne Grace is here and she’s cleaning house! She immediately ducks a clothesline from Fulton and starts putting the boots to him in the corner.

Oh man… It’s Swoggle time, baby! #14 is Kiera Hogan. Grace pretty quickly throws her over the ropes and gives her a big forearm strike to the jaw to send her back up the ramp. Eddie eliminates Thornstowe as well. #15 is one of the Desi Hit Squad dudes who isn’t Rohit or Shera. He’s followed by TOMMY DREAMER at #16 and the place goes nuts for the ECW legend.

#17 is… KYLIE RAE IS HERE! Chicago goes absolutely insane with loud “KYLIE! KYLIE!” Chants as she hits the ring and starts going at Jordynne Grace. Fulton throws over Dreamer and they’re NOT happy. #18 is Fallah Bahh. Business is about to pick up! The big man squares up to Fulton and they start trading rights and lefts. Fulton comes off the top rope but Bahh catches him with a huge Samoan Drop! Bahh, Bahh, Bahh! Madman tries to recover in the corner but he gets Bronco Busted from Swoggle. #19 is… the homicidal, genocidal, death-defying maniac, SABU!

Dani has weapons, because of course he does. He’s next in line to start taking the fight to Fulton, before going after Edwards as well. #20 is of course Mahabli Shera, who comes to the ring with Gama Singh as the final entrant. He lifts up Kylie but Jordynne makes the save. Shera throws both women to the apron and eliminates them both with big boots to NUCLEAR HEAT. Sabu is the next to go because they really want us to hate this dude.

It’s down to the three big men, Shera, Bahh and Fulton, as well as Eddie Edwards who the fans start chanting for by process of elimination. Shera gets Bahh up on his shoulders and eliminates him. No one is impressed. Eddie tries to headbutt him and it’s a terrible idea. Fulton gives him the “thumbs up, thumbs down” and they start swinging wildly at each other.

Fulton starts to swagger and leans against the ropes, and Eddie runs into him and clotheslines him over. Fulton is not happy and drags Eddie to the outside under the ropes, chokeslamming him on the edge of the apron for good measure. Shera goes out and tosses him back into the ring, then lines up in the corner for something big. Eddie ducks a splash and nails him with the Boston Knee Party! 1…2…3!

Winner: Eddie Edwards


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