Impact Wrestling EVP Scott D’Amore Says Door is Open for Matt Hardy’s Return


We had the pleasure of speaking with Impact Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore this past Sunday at the company’s annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view, along with other members of the media.

Among other topics, the Executive Vice President addressed Impact’s need to mend fences and rebuild bridges with both the fans, as well as former talents who had been mistreated by the “previous regime”. That includes Matt Hardy, who had a very public falling-out in 2017.

In February of that year Matt and his brother Jeff allowed their contracts with the promotion to expire after the two sides could not come to an agreement – right in the middle of the incredibly hot “Broken Universe”, while they were still the reigning Impact World Tag Team Champions.

“I’ve known Matt Hardy for a lot of years, and he’s a good dude and like all of us, he’s a passionate wrestling fan,” D’Amore told us, when asked if he would be welcome back into the fold. He continued:

“I think one of the things that was important to us when we came in here and formed this new management team … was repairing relationships. Matt Hardy was one of those relationships that needed to be repaired; to respect Matt’s position and the history of this company, and it also – it sends a message that after some of the issues between Matt Hardy and the previous regime of Impact Wrestling, that the current regime lead by Ed Nordholm was different.”

“That’s why it was so cool to be able to put that to rest, and come to a conclusion to allow Matt to be happy and move on, and allow us to move on and show that Impact is a changed company. We’d be happy to work or collaborate with Matt on anything, whether it is him in the wrestling ring, or whether it’s him behind-the-scenes. Clearly he’s a guy that’s got passion and creativity, so no matter where he goes and what he does in wrestling, or otherwise, he’s going to succeed.”

Matt Hardy, 45, is currently under contract with WWE, but has been used sparingly since taking time to heal up and reassess his in-ring future last August. After remaining un-drafted in the recent WWE Draft that shook up the Raw and Smackdown rosters, his fate with the company remains even more unclear.