Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill Results – Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard, The North Defend, Ken Shamrock in Action


Knockouts Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. ODB

The action went outside right away as the three brawled around ringside, pinballing off barricades and the ring steps. ODB sent Grace flying with a fallaway slam on the entrance ramp, but hit her own head in the process and was slow to get up. Taya took advantage, bullying ODB with boots in the corner, over and over, as she chanted “food truck!” and “lunch lady” at her. She locked in a Boston Crab, but Jordynne came back and kicked the champ in the head to break it up.

Taya basically did the same thing to Jordynne for a few minutes, kicking her in the head, stomping her into the corner and mocking her relentlessly. John E. Bravo provided several key distractions, much to the annoyance of literally everyone. She got Grace up on her shoulders for the Electric Chair, but ODB flew off the top rope taking them both out. All three down.

Grace rallied with nasty forearm shots to both opponents, before hitting a big spinebuster on Taya for a nearfall. A bridging German suplex connected, but ODB broke it up. PInning combinations galore after that, with each countering. Taya hit Grace with a knee lift that knocked her silly, and ODB splashed the champion. She climbed to the second rope, but didn’t get far before Grace swept the feet and sent her crashing down hard. Thicc Mama Pump then climbed the ropes herself, delivering a senton.

Taya returned and tried for Road to Valhalla, but had to settle with knee strikes that once again rocked Grace. She went to work on ODB as well, but got caught with a TKO instead. Grace came out of nowhere with a running Vader Bomb to break it up. She connected with the Grace Driver on ODB, but Bravo got up on the apron to once again distract the referee. Grace went after him, Taya snuck back into the ring and rolled up ODB, stealing the pin to retain.

Winner & Still Champion: Taya Valkyrie


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