Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill Results – Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard, The North Defend, Ken Shamrock in Action


Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Brian Cage

A girl in the audience pulled on Cage’s arm during the entrance, who turned out to be Rob Van Dam’s girlfriend’s girlfriend. The distraction allowed Van Dam to blast Cage with a kick to the side of the head, before throwing him into the ring post, creating a shoulder injury. The big man didn’t exactly take kindly to this and started pummeling his opponent in the corner with giant lariats.

Cage leads the crowd in doing the Terminator claps, but Van Dam caught him with a spin kick. He rolled outside and retrieved a steel chair, beating Cage down in the corner and wedging the chair in between the ropes. He went to the opposite end of the ring and climbed the ropes, hit his pose, before flying coast-to-coast – VAN-TERMINATOR! Apparently “ECW rules” are in effect. Even the commentary team has no idea what’s going on.

Van Dam grabbed the chair again but the referee makes him back off to check on Cage, who is bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth. Daga runs out with a bunch of referees to check on him, but RVD kicked him in the face…. The bell rang for some unknown reason, and I guess we now have a match between RVD and Daga even though the last match never actually ended officially. Everyone was incredibly confused.

Rob Van Dam vs. Daga

Daga went after him with a series of knee strikes and kicks. Van Dam nearly caught him with a beautiful pinning combination, but Daga kicked out and immediately delivered a Fisherman’s Suplex for a close nearfall. Van Dam hit a feint kick, jumped to the top rope, and nailed the Five Star Frog Splash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


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