Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill Results – Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard, The North Defend, Ken Shamrock in Action


We head backstage where doctors told Rich Swann that under no circumstances is he allowed anywhere near a wrestling ring tonight. He wasn’t happy about it, but Willie Mack said since Swann won the #1 contenders spot on his own while he was injured, he’ll go out tonight and win the titles on his own.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
The North (c) vs. Willie Mack

Just a reminder, Swann is injured and Ethan Page has been in the bathroom for the last 24 hours straight with salmonella poisoning. Mack started the match with a flurry of offense, tossing both guys around the ring and hitting some big tackles, but the numbers game quickly caught up with him. The North alternated in with tags and kept him on the mat as much as possible, although Alexander did the bulk of the heavy lifting for obvious reasons. Page, meanwhile, trying not to poop his pants on live PPV.

Mack managed to powerbomb Alexander coming off the ropes, but again Page was there to break it up. And again the champions swarmed. The North hit him with a double Flatliner followed by a double Neutralizer, but somehow the big man got his shoulder up. He ended up on the top rope trading shots with with Alexander, kicked Page and put his partner up on his shoulders. Mack back to the top, delivering what I can only describe as a top rope sunset flip Canadian Destroyer. What the actual hell. The Six Star Frog Splash connects on Alexander for the 1…2… Page pulled the referee out of the ring to break it up.

Page basically begs to be disqualified, but the ref is gonna make him keep fighting as punishment. Mack delivers a stunner to Alexander, but is again double teamed. They finally hit him with their finisher, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners & Still Champions: The North


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