Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill Results – Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard, The North Defend, Ken Shamrock in Action


Impact World Title Match
Sami Callihan (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard

Callihan kicked Tessa in the face before the bell rang and immediately hit her with the Cactus Piledriver for an extremely close nearfall. He put her on the top rope and threatened to do it again, but Tessa fought back, kicked him to the mat and hit the diving Magnum for an equally close nearfall. Both stars got up and came forehead-to-forehead, before swinging for the fences. Tessa sent the champ flying with a series of hurricanranas, before flying off the apron to the outside with a running senton. She tweaked her knee on the way down, and Sami saw it and took advantage, stomping away.

That set the tone for the match, as Sami continued to work the knee, wrapping it around the steel post before simply resorting to punching it over and over again. She tried to get some space with wild punches and kicks, but Callihan pretty easily put her in a Trailer Hitch submission to completely destroy whatever is left of the cartilage in her knee. He held on to the hold for about a minute, but broke it himself to continue stomping on it, finding new moves to do as much damage as possible as the challenger screams in pain and is on the verge of crying.

Tessa eventually managed to shake him off for a second, but he simply slapped her across the face and kicked out her knees, throwing her to the floor. He set up for a powerbomb through the announce table, but Tessa fought back and kicked him in the face with the good knee. She tried to dive off the apron, but Callihan caught her and powerbombed her through the table after all.

The ref began his count and Sami sat in the corner, happy to take the count-out. Tessa rolled back in right before 10 and the two started trading rights and lefts, brawling out to the apron. She actually gouged his eyes – I suppose that’s fair, at this point – and came off the ring post with a Magnum on the edge of the ring. Sami is out, but the challenger may have done just as much damage to her own knee in the process.

They end up back in the ring, face to face. Sami gave her a few shots then leveled her with a massive chop across the chest, sending her flying into the ropes. Every time she kept getting back up and screaming at him, “HIT ME!” or “I SAID, HIT ME!” Callihan tried to spit on her, but she scooped him up on the shoulders and delivered a Samoan Drop. She charged the corner and connected with a third Magnum from the second rope, but the champion got his shoulder up.

Tessa got to her feet and screamed “F*** YOU!” before delivering another Magnum, but it still wasn’t enough. Okay. Callihan took out her knee again and applied another submission, she screamed out in pain as the crowd came alive, and after a whole lot of struggling managed to get to the ropes.

Sami is done and went to grab his title belt, spitting on the referee, but the ref took it away from him. It was a a distraction as he has brass knuckles, but Tessa instead kicked him in the balls. She delivers a DDT and climbs to the top rope, hits the diving Magnum again, and rolls him into a crossface submission. Callihan rolls out and kicks her low, hits a second Cactus Piledriver…for 2.99. He started freaking out and couldn’t believe the call, and Tessa caught him with a jacknife cover for another nearfall. She follows with the Canadian Destroyer, goes to the second rope and hits another Canadian Destroyer. Hammerlock DDT connects. 1…2…3.

Winner & New Champion: Tessa Blanchard

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