Impact Wrestling Literally Kills Off Allie In Ridiculous ‘Undead Realm’ Segment


Last week it was announced that former Knockouts Champion Allie had signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling, leading to the obvious question of how her future in Impact Wrestling would be handled going forward.

It appears that we now have an answer to that question, as the promotion literally KILLED OFF her character this Friday night in a ridiculous, violent segment filled with twists, turns and demons from the pits of hell. It was like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer come to Impact.

After Rosemary spent the last several weeks fighting for the soul of her former best friend, Allie, winning her back from the clutches of Su Yung and the Undead Bridesmaids, the two ventured into the so-called “Undead Realm” this Friday night.

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Things quickly turned into a wild fight to the death, featuring run-ins from Kiera Hogan, Yung, the Bridesmaids, Father James Mitchell, and even the revelation that the Ruler of the Undead was none other than… Kevin Sullivan!? In the end, a conflicted Allie jumped in front of a blade to save Rosemary, and died in the arms of her friend. You can check out the segment below.