Impact Wrestling Results (11/18): LAX vs OVE, Brian Cage Comes For Revenge, Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel & More


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Impact Wrestling Results
January 18, 2019
Nashville, TN


The match went about two minutes before Josh Matthews started freaking out about something going on in the back. They cut backstage where Brian Cage is going on a rampage, hurling bodies left and right while screaming out for Johnny Impact. Cage eventually made his way to the ring, destroying both KM and Konley with massive spinebusters and powerbombs. Fallah Bahh tried to make the save, but the Machine managed to lift him up into the air, delivering an F5 on the entrance ramp.

Cage got on the mic demanding Johnny Impact. The champion came out to the ramp but was immediately attacked from behind by Killer Kross and Moose, who appear to be back on the same page. After a wild brawl, Cage went after Johnny but got turned inside out by a spear from Moose. The heels left them both laying and posed over the champion and his challenger to end the opening segment.

— They are doing live Skype videos with random Impact talents now, during the commercial breaks on Twitch instead of airing clips from old matches. That got really disorienting during the middle of matches.

— After that opening segment Brian Cage will face Moose later on tonight. Plus, X-Division Champion Rich Swann is in action against Trey Miguel, and Jordynne Grace still to come.


Eli Drake came out to do commentary. The match was a super simple brawl with most of the action taking place on the outside, so it was basically a vehicle for Drake to complain about hardcore wrestling being complete garbage, and question the motivations of Eddie Edwards, who he claims is becoming a second rate Tommy Dreamer with his kendo stick he talks to like a crazy person. After a match that probably could have lost a segment and been fine, Edwards ended up disqualifying himself by hitting Page with his kendo stick.

— Eli Drake approached the ring after the match and talked about how great Eddie used to be, back when they faced each other for the world title. He wants to know why he went “hardcore” and what it’s gotten for him, since he hasn’t been anywhere near a championship in a very long time. Eli makes a challenge — he wants Eddie to drop the kendo stick, find the “fire” he used to have inside, and become a champ again, because right now he’s just a hardcore loser.

— Sami Callihan cut a promo on Rich Swann using the creepy oVe cam. He talked about how they were the family that Swann never had, and now it’s “time to come home”. Tonight the most violent feud of 2018 is reignited as oVe takes on LAX.

JORDYNNE GRACE (w/ Kiera Hogan) def. DARK ALLIE (w/ Su Yung)

This was a surprisingly short match. Allie got in a minor amount of action early on, but Grace caught her with a series of gigantic suplexes and basically dominated from there. Allie tried to mount a comeback but she ran right into an impressive pumphandle driver for the win.

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After the match Grace and a very confident looking Hogan celebrated their win and left Allie laying in the ring. Su Yung came to her aid and checked on her dark new friend, but the lights in the building went out. When they came back on Yung had been replaced with a hooded Rosemary. Allie looked terrified and ran from the ring as Rosemary laughed at her.

— In a backstage segment Scarlett Bordeaux is all set to reveal the final results of her worldwide talent search, after “millions of emails” have poured in over the past few months, all attempting to prove why they are worthy of her services. Scarlett reveals that the talent worthy of her time and attention is… HERSELF!? She has become the hottest Knockout in Impact Wrestling and she hasn’t even competed in the ring yet. So it’s official, Scarlett will make her in-ring debut soon, and when she does, she will bring sexy back to Impact Wrestling.


A slow back-and-forth slugfest between two giant heavyweight brutes. There was an absolute moron in the crowd throughout the entire match yelling unbelievably idiotic things that had nothing to do with the match. If you go to a wrestling show in 2019 and you chant things like “Bring Back Russo!”, “Bring Back Spike TV” or “WrestleMania” you are the worst type of fan, and nobody likes you. Anyways — Brian got the win with the Drill Claw in a slow, but solid main event style match.

— Tessa Blanchard was interviewed backstage and went absolutely crazy, assaulting the interviewer and several backstage employees. A referee tried to pull her off a poor women who just happened to be nearby, and took an elbow to the face for interfering. Finally Gail Kim showed up and dropped Tessa on her ass, and the two proceeded to brawl around the backstage area. Tessa got the better of the exchange and nearly murdered Gail, choking her out with cables while screaming “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT GAIL!”


Great, great match that should have gone another ten minutes. The fans were chanting “X-Division” and “This is Awesome” within two minutes of things getting started. They did a million counters and high-flying exchanges early on before lighting each other up with brutal slaps, back and forth. Swann hit a snap hurricanrana off the top rope in the first big spot, following with a high-elevation frog splash for a nearfall. Swann ended up winning with a 450 splash from the second rope.

oVe came out after the match and surrounded Rich Swann as he was celebrating with the X-Division Championship. Sami Callihan snapped his fingers and Jake Crist took out an oVe shirt from within his jacket. They threw it at Swann and told him it was time to come home, again, but before he could make his decision LAX came out for the main event.

LAX def. oVe