Impact Wrestling Results (10/19): Knockouts Main Event, Johnny Impact vs Chris Adonis, More


Impact Wrestling Results
October 19, 2017

(1) Johnny Impact def. Chris Adonis. Nice back and forth match with Adonis going for the Master Lock early on, but Johnny fighting back and staying in contention. Johnny hit Starship Pain (or one of the four things that move is called now) to win. 

– Eli Drake came out after the match and brawled with Impact. Johnny took him down and started whipping him with his own belt, until Adonis recovered and the heels turned it around. Garza Jr. ran out with a steel chair to even the odds and chance off Adonis and Drake. 

– The announcement was officially made that Alberto el Patron will make his return at Bound for Glory. 

(2) Texano def. Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards, James Storm and El Hijo Del Fantasma in a five-way brawl. This was a bizarre bar room affair taped at some point in Mexico City. Tons of big moves and shots from weapons. You would think the Impact stars would be working together against the AAA guys but they couldn’t get on the same page at all and even went at each other several times. Texano pinned EC3 (the Grand Champion) in all the chaos.

– A video package of OVE trying to find Konnan in Tijuana aired. We’re going all over Mexico tonight, apparently. We cut to some hole in the wall where Konnan is hiding out. He says that OVE will get an audience with him if they agree to defend the Impact Tag Team Championships at The Crash. 

– More issues between James Storm, Eddie Edwards and EC3 who are all screaming at each other backstage this time. They agreed that they will never defeat the AAA guys unless they can get on the same page, and Storm said he was going to fix things one way or another. 

(3) Dezmond Xavier def. Andrew Everett. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley were in Everett’s corner. Really fun match between the X-Division guys. The heels put the boots to Dez on the outside while the ref was distracted early on. He got his revenge later with a big dive over the ropes to take everyone out. Dez cleaned house and hit a rolling pele kick to win. 

– Josh Matthews announced that Taryn Terrell could not compete at Bound For Glory next month because she was not “medically cleared”. I’m pretty sure she just got slapped in the face…

– Grado came out to the ring and called out Joseph Park to get to the bottom of things between them. Accusations were thrown on both sides before Park basically admits to holding Grado’s work visa hostage because he now owns him and all that he does. He teases handing over the visa but pulled it back and revealed that it was actually a contract for a match at Bound For Glory. If Grado wins the match, he gets the visa no strings attached and everything goes back to normal – if he loses, he must leave America forever. Grado quickly signs the contract before Park reveals that what he signed was not just any match, but a Monster’s Ball… against Abyss! 

(4) OVE (c) def. Black Danger & Black Diamond to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships. This was filmed at The Crash promotion and playing off the earlier angle, so the champs have now been granted an audience with Konnan. Lots of high flying moves and lucha influences. There was a really cool spot where Danger launched Jake Crist into the air and Danger speared him coming off the top rope. OVE fought back and hit their double foot stomp/tombstone piledriver combo to retain. 

– American Top Team came out (sans Bobby Lashley) and shoved around Jeremy Borash. Lambert cut a long promo talking about how Lashley only came to Impact as a favor to Jeff Jarrett and none of this was supposed to go down the way it has. He claims to be the biggest professional wrestling fan on the planet, and proceeds to show off Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair and the Road Warriors’ very first titles that he had in his possession, as well as Jeff Jarrett’s original AWA title. The crowd chanted “we don’t care” as he rambled about his superior knowledge of wrestling.

– Eventually Lambert turned his attention to Moose and Stephen Bonnar, saying they crossed the line and awakened a bear by trashing the Top Team facility. He challenged them to a FIGHT at Bound For Glory against Lashley and King Mo, one that threatens to destroy the very fabric of Impact Wrestling. Moose and Bonnar came out to the ramp with all the titles they stole from the Top Team facility, but Lashley attacked them from behind. A massive brawl broke out that resulted in Lashley spearing both guys. Half the Impact roster came out to separate them but each got taken out by ATT. 

– OVE finally gets face to face with Konnan. They demand their pay for the show at The Crash, which is his promotion, so they can get the heck out of Tijuana. Konnan says LAX wants a match at Bound For Glory for the tag team titles, and a group of Crash wrestlers surround them looking threatening. Konnan leaves as OVE gets jumped, telling them to clean up the belts before BFG. 

(5) Taya Valkyrie def. Rosemary. Awesome main event match. They went right after each other the second the bell rang. The action spilled to the outside and into barricades, ring posts, steel steps, etc. Taya fired up with viscious knees, then kicks, but Rosemary just kept coming back for more. Taya ended up winning after countering Red Wedding into a Northern Lights suplex into a double foot stomp to the head. 

– After the match Taya looked to continue her assault but Rosemary hit her with the poison mist to the face. As Valkyrie was rolling around screaming, Rosemary challenged her to a match that “could get a little bloody” at next month’s Bound For Glory. Most likely a First Blood match.