Impact Wrestling Results (11/29): Tommy Dreamer vs Eli Drake, Jordynne Grace In Action, The Rascalz Debut & More


Impact Wrestling Results
November 29, 2018

— The show opens with a video package recapping Brian Cage “cashing in” the X-Division Championship for a world title shot at Impact Homecoming, as well as Eli Drake trying to rid the world of hardcore garbage wrestling. We head to the ring as Rich Swann is dancing his way down the ramp for our opening contest.


Swann locks up with Fenix to get things started in an impressive flurry of counter-grappling as the crowd chants for both sides. After a dazzling display of lucha-style trades they come up even and tag in the two bigger men. Pentagon gives him the “Cero Miedo” but the Mack throws it right back in his face. Things get very tense, very quickly as all four men hit the ring and go at it in a wild brawl, resulting in a series of superkicks that leave everyone on the mat.

Pentagon threw stiff elbow strikes at his opponent but ran into a nasty boot to the face. Mack mocked the “Cero Miedo” and snapped off with a headscissors takedown. Fenix flew out of nowhere but got caught out of the air into a big Samoan Drop. Swann followed with a Swanton Bomb. Pentagon attacked both guys from behind and opened the door for Fenix to drop them both with a double springboard cutter, into a 619 on Swann.

In one of the more interesting spots of an already insane match, the Lucha Bros. set up the old Team 3D “Wassup!” spot, but instead of a diving headbutt, Pentagon hit a double foot stomp right to the “tailbone” of Swann. Mack made the save for his team and sent Penta to the floor with a Pounce, and followed with an impressive tope con hilo. Swann took them both out with a Phoenix Splash off the top to the outside, which of course set up Fenix to finish it off with an amazing corkscrew splash to the outside after bouncing off about four different ropes. That dude is INSANE.

After a commercial break the ref has more or less restored some order in this match. Fenix tried to trade forearm shots with Mack, which is of course a huge mistake. He tagged in Swann and set up a Doomsday Device situation, but Fenix countered out with a Reverse Rana on Mack, then jumped over the ropes where Pentagon had Swann set up in a Piledriver on the apron, spiking him all the way to hell. The Lucha Bros finally put the match away with a crazy wheelbarrow Destroyer combo that I couldn’t accurately describe to you if I tried.

Winners: The Lucha Bros. 

— LAX made their way to the ring and came face-to-face with the Lucha Bros. Ortiz got on the mic and said they were watching the match from the back, and it was pure fire. He asked the crowd who was next for next for LAX, since they’ve beaten every other challenger in Impact and sent The OGz running for good. Santana talked about defending the Impact World Tag Team Championships all around the world (except for EVOLVE, apparently…), but the one thing they haven’t done is give “la familia” a shot. He challenges the Lucha Bros. to a match for the titles at Impact Homecoming to give the world what they want. Pentagon took the mic and accepted the challenge because they are the Lucha Bros, and they have no fear (I’m roughly translating his Spanish). The two teams raised each other’s hands and celebrated together as the crowd went crazy.


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