Impact Wrestling Results (11/29): Tommy Dreamer vs Eli Drake, Jordynne Grace In Action, The Rascalz Debut & More


— Josh Matthews ran down the Impact Homecoming card and announced that qualifying matches will begin next week to determine who will compete in Ultimate X to crown a new X-Division Champion.

— A video package aired with Brian Cage talking about “finally winning the big one” at Impact Homecoming, and his entire life leading up to that moment. He said that Johnny might be his friend, but if he had to hurt him to get what he wants, that’s what he’ll do.

— LAX is in the back with Konnan. The legend is not happy about them issuing a title match without consulting him. He talked about his past with Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrero, who used to be tag team champions in AAA, and accepting a “dream match” resulting in injury, which eventually split up the team. He warned them about the Lucha Bros. doing the same thing, because they will hurt people to get the titles, even if they are family.


Katarina was billed from “the original Sin City, London, England” which was a simple, but great way to get some heat on her before the match even began. Jordynne very quickly dropped her with a shoulder tackle and a huge spinebuster for two. Katarina ducked an elbow shot and raked the eyes, running the ropes into a big boot. She choked her opponent in the ropes, taking full advantage of the referee’s five-count.

Katarina continued her attack with more shots in the corner, using the ropes to her advantage several times. She did a cartwheel into a senton for a one-count, before slowing things down in a body scissors, but Jordynne wasn’t about to submit to that nonsense and powered out. She climbed to the second rope and connected with an impressive jumping DDT – shades of Suzuki-Gun’s Taichi – but Grace kicked out at ONE!

Grace with a pounce that sent her opponent flying across the ring. She sent Katarina flying into the corner and connected with a pair of double knees, followed by an explosive cannonball splash. She looked to put things away and locked in a bear huge, wrenching Katarina around like a wild animal until she was forced to tap out.

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Winner: Jordynne Grace

— KM and Fallah Back are backstage upset over losing their match to LAX last week. KM hypes them up and says they should go out into Las Vegas and paint the town red. We get a “7 minutes later…” graphic and the two are crying in the corner because they lost everything at the casinos. Scarlett Bordeaux showed up in a cloud of smoke, and basically mocked them for failing to impress her.

— This week’s GWN Flashback Moment of the Week is Low Ki retaining his X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X match. They’ve gotten MUCH smarter about these, and are now just showing short highlight clips instead of bogging down the show with 10-15 minute throwback clips every week.

— Tessa Blanchard is backstage when a referee shows up and starts yelling at her for taking liberties in the ring. He’s actually being a huge douchebag about it, and says that it’s his way or the highway, and that she WILL listen to him because he’s the official in the ring. She rolls her eyes and says “yes sir” before walking off with the Knockouts Championship.

— Tommy Dreamer is interviewed backstage and calls Eli Drake a “skinny-jean millennial”. There’s nothing their CORE AUDIENCE loves more than people mocking millennials and being called entitled. He mocks Eli Drake for being a bad ripoff of The Rock and trying to imitate the mannerisms of “Stone Cold”, but as soon as he won the Impact World Championship and ascended to the top of the business, he lost the belt. Something, something, something, blood, sweat and tears, ECW, etc.


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