Impact Wrestling Results (11/29): Tommy Dreamer vs Eli Drake, Jordynne Grace In Action, The Rascalz Debut & More



Ray was not in any way taking this match seriously, talking trash and dancing around like she wasn’t about to be murdered by the queen of lucha libre. She actually got some nice offense in early on, connecting with a series of knee strikes in the corner and a missile dropkick off the second rope. Taya sent her flying into the corner and responded with forearm shots and a running hip attack. She talked a little Spanish to the crowd (in Vegas…) and eventually stomped her opponent’s face into the mat. She applied a new submission which – which I will tentatively call a Trailer Hitch Crossface – to pick up the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

— Tessa Blanchard attacked Taya from behind after her match, delivering a savage beating. The douchebag referee from earlier starts screaming at her, and Blanchard dropped him with a right hook before literally choking out the dude until he turned purple. Good. All the other referees ran out including the guy who looks like he’s a 12-year-old kid, but nobdoy wants to touch her. Sonjay Dutt and Scott D’Amore run out, but still nobody can get her to stop. Impact Hall of Famer Gail Kim ran out and threw Blanchard across the ring. Taya out of nowhere with a spear to take out the champion! Gail and Taya stood tall in the ring as Tessa angrily posed with her title on the ramp.

— Johnny Impact is interviewed backstage about defending his title against Brian Cage. He is interrupted by Killer Cross who warns the champ about Cage “doing whatever it takes to win”, and once again offers his services to help him take out the challenger before its too late. Johnny told him to stop talking in cryptic riddles and say what he means — better yet don’t, because he doesn’t want to hear it anymore.


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Dez starts things off against Sydal (not to be confused with his older brother Matt Sydal) and did some impressive counter-grappling, literally wrestling circles around his opponent while taunting and working up the crowd. Wentz tagged in and hit a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Bay tagged in but was quickly overcome by a double team flurry by The Rascalz. Trey with an enzuigiri into a Mystery-esque Bronco Buster. Sydal back in but he didn’t fair any better, running into a series of quick kicks from both opponents, before they flew threw the ropes with stereo suicide dives.  Wentz hit a running knee strike then did a standing moonsault high into the air, and Dez shoved his partner IN THE AIR so he landed on Sydal to pick up the victory.

Winners: The Rascalz

— Kiera Hogan was interviewed backstage and claimed that Allie hasn’t fully succumbed to the darkness yet. She said Allie could have hurt her last week, but she didn’t. She pleaded for her to fight the darkness and show the world she is stronger than Su Yung’s hold on her, and begged her friend to come home.

— We cut to a mental ward where an insane looking Eddie Edwards is starring blankly into space in an all-white padded room. Alisha claims she had to do what was necessary because the cops said they could lock him up for 20-25 years. What… The doctor says he needs rest and takes her out. Later on Moose shows up wearing a ridiculous pink hat. He reads a children’s book about Eddie, but says it doesn’t include the part where he betrayed Moose, lost his wife and got locked up in a nut house. Moose says he’s going to check in on Alisha on his way home and promises to take good care of her…


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