Impact Wrestling Results (11/29): Tommy Dreamer vs Eli Drake, Jordynne Grace In Action, The Rascalz Debut & More


— There’s a weird segment backstage where Ethan Page talks about all the losing Matt Sydal has been doing lately, but says he would have been angry about it except he was taught that the universe has a plan. Sydal says this just isn’t working, and they need to focus on the real goal – the X-Division Championship. Next week it will be Sydal vs Page in a qualifying match, and he will teach Page everything he needs to know.


Dreamer took his opponent down with a series of quick arm drags, as the commentary talked about how Drake wins a straight wrestling match between them “nine times out of ten”. He fired off with knife-edge chops and delivered a series of mounted punches in the corner, before biting the forehead. A big cutter found its mark, and Eli rolled to the floor to avoid the pin. Drake said he was done and walked away, taking the count-out loss.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

The Hardcore Legend was not happy after the match. Josh Matthews announced that via Impact officials have demanded that the match be restarted with No Disqualifications!

Dreamer went out to the ramp and immediately took it to his opponent with wild rights and lefts. He disappeared to the back and came back with a garbage can full of various weapons. Drake took a baking sheet to the face, followed by a trash can to the face. In case he didn’t bring enough with him, he grabbed the ring bell and jammed it into Eli’s nuts, before spitting water into his face for good measure.

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Dreamer with a big right hand and a chop to the face. He took a cane from one of the fans in the front row and gave Drake a makeshift colonoscopy. He spent a bit too much time playing up the crowd though, and Drake hit him with a suplex on the entrance ramp, and the ECW legend immediately starting spasming like he was a gunshot victim.

Eli took total control hitting a jumping neckbreaker into a baking sheet. Dreamer got his boots up in the corner and went to work with right hands. He tried for the Bionic Elbow, Drake poked him in the eyes, but got caught with the elbow coming off the ropes. A steel chair got introduced as well as another garbage can. Drake came off the top rope with a chair in hand, but Dreamer blocked it with a boot straight up in the air.

Dreamer hit a big DDT for an extremely close nearfall. He tried for the Death Valley Driver, but Drake countered out and kicked his opponent in the balls. Dreamer got sent head first into a trash can in the corner, Eli finally hit the Gravy Train, but it STILL wasn’t enough to end this match. He finally got the win wrapping a steel chair around Dreamer’s neck and swinging for the fences with a paddle, hitting a home run.

Winner: Eli Drake

— Eli Drake goes backstage after his match, where a bunch of balloons and a card are waiting for him. He thinks it’s a late birthday gift, opens the card, appears shocked at what he just read and walks off without any further explanation.

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