Impact Wrestling Results (11/9): Bound For Glory Fallout, Eddie Edwards Defends GHC Title


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Impact Wrestling Results
November 9, 2017

– Josh Matthews and JB welcome us to the heart of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and run down tonight’s match card. For the first time ever, the prestigious GHC Heavyweight Championship will be defended in North America, plus Johnny Impact is looking for an answer from Alberto el Patron who cost him the title at Bound For Glory.


Eli Drake made his way to the ring accompanied by Chris Adonis, announced as the Impact Global Heavyweight Champion. The crowd went back and forth chanting “Eli Drake/sucks” until Adonis told them all to sit down and shut their mouths, claiming that the champ was Canada’s all-time favorite wrestler. Drake bragged about retaining his title at Bound For Glory and squashing the hopes and dreams of Johnny Impact. He said that everything about Sunday was perfect, except that Alberto el Patron decided to get involved and put his mark on the title, and stitches in the back of his head. Apparently, management gave him the night off due to injury, which is fine because there’s nobody left in the locker room to challenge him.

Enter: Petey Williams. The Canadian native got a nice reaction from his hometown crowd, and said that he’d never stop Eli from leaving the country, as nobody wanted him there anyway. Petey pointed out that he’s a two-time X-Division champion and the originator of the Canadian Destroyer, and Drake has never beaten him. The champ asked the crowd if that’s what they want to see – loud pop – but Drake says “maybe next week”. Petey rushed the ring and got past Adonis, leveling the champion with a beautiful jumping neckbreaker. He went for the Destroyer but Adonis saved his meal ticket and the two bailed.

– Johnny Impact was shown arriving to the arena in his car, speeding into the parking lot. He got out looking pissed off and angrily made his way into the building, leaving his car just sitting in the middle of the parking lot, still turned on.

– Jimmy Jacobs came out and joined the commentary team, saying that he came back because he heard Josh Matthews wanted a selfie with him.


The two locked up with some nice back and forth action, feeling each other out and looking for an advantage. Commentary was trying to grill Jimmy Jacobs for info during the match, but he refused to answer any of their questions. Dutt fired off with with a nice hurricanrana and a headscissors takedown into a wrist lock. Sydal fought out of it and connected with a standing moonsault, taking control with a few innovative holds and primarily working his opponent’s knees. He really heeled it up putting the boots to Sonjay’s knee while it was caught in the ropes, ignoring the referee and showing some serious attitude. At some point Jimmy left commentary to seek attention elsewhere.

After a few minutes Sonjay fired up with a few snap takedowns, blocking a Shooting Star Press with a rolling Superman Punch. They traded rights and lefts to the top rope, Dutt connecting with a huge superplex to take things to commercial. After the break, Sydal had regained control savagely beating on his opponent’s knee. They rolled to the floor and he continued his assault by whipping Sonjay knee-first into the barricade, over and over again. The ref asked him if he wanted to continue, and the former champion refused to quit. He rallied back again with an enzuigiri and came off the second rope with an excellent tordado DDT, but the damage had been done to the knee. Sydal took advantage with a chop block, followed by the Shooting Star Press to win.

Winner: Matt Sydal


Ethan Carter III came out and mockingly congratulated Matt Sydal on another win. He brought up that Sydal always wins, over and over again, until the stakes get high and the match means something, at which point he inevitably chokes. EC3 points out that he came into Impact unbeaten and dethroned the unbeatable Bobby Lashley to become the #1 contender to the world title…and then he choked, because that’s what he does. Carter calls him a choke artist that should have been “reborn” a winner, saying that he lacks a killer instinct unlike himself.

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