Impact Wrestling Results (12/17): Sami Callihan Calls Out Tessa Blanchard, Ethan Page vs Rich Swann


Impact Wrestling Results
December 17, 2019
Melrose Ballroom, New York

— The opening video package focussed on Rich Swann having to go it alone last week to earn a tag team championship opportunity after his partner was injured, as well as Tessa Blanchard being manhandled by oVe.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Lots of chain grappling and counters early on. Dashwood tried to keep the match on the mat as much as possible to avoid getting tossed around. The first time she actually hit the ropes, Grace caught her out of the air and turned it into a big suplex, catching her knees in the ropes. Dashwood fired back with some nice offense including a nasty neckbreaker and a reverse DDT, but couldn’t figure out how to keep Thicc Mama Pump down.

After a few big boots she lined up for a spear, but Grace planted her with a Spinebuster for a close nearfall. Tenille struggled out of the Grace Driver and hit a low crossbody in the corner, followed with a butterfly suplex, but it wasn’t enough. Barely. She went low with a dropkick to the knees, tried for La Magistral cradle, but Grace countered with a pin of her own to score the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

— Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie attacked Grace after the match, but Dashwood came back to make the save and the two beat the hell out of her.

— Moose arrives backstage wearing a ton of gold chains and a turtleneck, and mocks Rhino because he couldn’t get the job done against RVD last week. He said it’s too bad that his spear is just better than Rhino’s, so Rhino hit him with the Gore.

— The North find Willie Mack in a stairwell and try to get in his head, claiming he’s holding back Rich Swann from becoming a huge singles star. He needs to do the “right thing” and let him go. Swann shows up and tells the champs to either bounce, or go get ready and meet him in the ring.

TJP vs. Daga

Beautiful counter-wrestling to kick this one off. TJP employed a lot of headscissors to break out of holds while Daga continued to trap him with lightning quick armdrags and wild pinning combinations. The two throw stereo dropkicks and come up empty, as we head to commercial. Back from break and TJP hits a dropkick to send his opponent to the floor, then connects with a springboard senton. He starts working over the left arm with submission holds and nasty armbreakers. Daga slams his head into the turnbuckles before hitting a superkick, then flew over the ropes into a sunset flip, rolling through into a double foot stomp. Daga hits a running senton and looks for a Tiger Bomb, possibly, but TJP counters out with an armdrag and hits a desperate dropkick to the back of the head to give himself some breathing room.

Things eventually broke down into a slugfest, which broke down into both trying to steal the win with quick pinning combinations. Daga hits another superkick with his opponent on his knees, but it’s still not enough. He heads to the top rope, but TJP was playing possum and leaps to the top, hitting a superplex. Detonation Kick connects. Daga somehow kicks out of the finisher, but TJP is smart and immediately rolls him into a kneebar, then reaches up and traps his arms as well. Brutal. It’s over!

Winner: TJP

— The Desi Hit Squad rushed the ring and put the boots to both TJP and Daga after their match. Fallah Bahh joins in the fray and the babyfaces briefly manage to stand tall, until Mahabali Sheera returns and lays waste to everyone.


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