Impact Wrestling Results (12/17): Sami Callihan Calls Out Tessa Blanchard, Ethan Page vs Rich Swann


Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams

The X-Division legend takes the young buck to task early on with some beautiful headscissors takedowns and a flurry of strikes and kicks. Austin takes him off the top with a hurricanrana, but is caught with a Codebreaker, followed by a dropkick to the back of the neck. The champ tried to roll outside to safety, but Williams flew over the ropes into a tope con hillo…headscissors takedown!? Holy crap. Unfortunately he spent a bit too long celebrating with fans, and Austin caught him with a superkick.

Back from commercial, as Williams is throwing rights and lefts trying to get something going again, but Austin lights him up with knee strikes, a kick to the side of the head, and rolls the legend up for a close two-count. He grabs a playing card and threatens to slice open his hands, but Williams fights out and hits a huge German suplex. A Russian legsweep follows and Petey sets up for the Canadian Destroyer. Ace kicks him in the face and hits the Bang-a-Rama, but it wasn’t enough.

Austin hit a series of knife-edge chops and put his opponent on the top rope. The two trade shots, jockeying for position. Petey can’t help himself and tries for the Avalanche Destroyer, and Austin plants a double foot stomp to his chest. The champion hits The Fold, and it’s over.

Winner: Ace Austin

— After his win, Ace Austin dedicates his hard-fought victory to the “sexiest woman alive”, Trey Miguel’s mom. He blows her a kiss and does the Rascalz wave, before taking his leave.

— We head backstage where Trey Miguel is going absolutely bat s**t crazy, teeing off on the X-Division Champion Ace Austin with wild rights and lefts, throwing him into the concrete wall. Reno Scum shows up and breaks up the fight, but Trey is PISSED.

A Literal New York Street Fight

Impact World Champion Sami Callihan comes out to the ring and claims he’s going to expose Tessa Blanchard for exactly what she is. He calls her a fake and a phony, just like all the fans in the arena and at home watching on television. Sami doesn’t care about gender and doesn’t understand why he’s supposed to be making “history” by fighting a woman. He spit in her face and will give her a piledriver, not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a professional wrestler. That said, she was raised by her father and the legendary Magnum TA, handed opportunities left and right, and never had to work for anything. Sami claims he did everything by himself, and he never needed his daddy to get him a food in the business.

Tessa is here!

Before Blanchard can reach the ring, Madman Fulton comes out of nowhere and attacks her from behind. The two beat her down until Ken Shamrock runs out, ribs tapped up from last week. He does his best but Fulton is able to scoop him up and slam his ribs into the post over and over again.

Tessa and Sami fight backstage and beat the absolutely hell out of each other while they’re surrounded by the locker room. A few people go down in the fray. Callihan throws her into an RV, but she comes back and chokes him with a cable and throws some big right hands, before spearing the champion into the side of the building. The locker room is still watching all of this, cheering on Tessa and yelling for her to “kick his ass”.

Callihan tries to run off into the night but Tessa stays on top of him. She ends up jumping off a moving truck and taking him out, while actual traffic is driving past trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Sami clams her hard into the concrete, but she slowly gets back up and is driven hard into the grill of another truck. Officials try to separate them, but they just start fighting the officials instead and brawl off into the streets of New York as the show goes off the air. Awesome way to end it.

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