Impact Wrestling Results


Impact Wrestling Results
Melrose Ballroom, New York
December 3, 2019

— A video package airs recapping last week’s excellent hour-long gauntlet match, the hell Rich Swann had to go through, Michael Elgin snapping, and of course Tessa Blanchard winning.

— Elgin is interviewed backstage and asked if he’s beating himself up over being DQ’d and costing himself last week’s gauntlet. He’s not, but he’s going to beat up someone over it.


It’s a test of size against speed early on, but Cage snaps off some impressive grappling and shows he can hang with the veteran ring master. Eddie tries for a suicide dive but is caught out of the air, only to turn it into a hurricanrana to take the big man down. Eddie keeps up the offense the best that he can but is eventually caught with a massive overhead suplex, followed by a deadlift suplex from the top rope. From there Cage is able to slow things down, locking in a body stretch while taking a few seconds to deliver big back suplexes to stay in control.

After a few minutes Cage charges the corner and eats a pair of boots. Eddie hits a headscissors takedown and manages to hoist up his opponent for the Blue Thunder Bomb. It’s not enough. He starts firing off with desperate elbow strikes, chipping away slowly but surely. Cage responds with a thunderous lariat to take them both down. The ref gets to about 8 before they’re both up, but Michael Elgin comes out of nowhere and attacks them both.

Winner: No Contest

— Elgin continues to stomp away on both Cage and Edwards until several referees come out to stop him. We’re going to commercial, but apparently this will continue as a triple threat match!


Back from commercial just in time to see Eddie fly through the ropes with a suicide dive to take down Elgin. Cage follows and actually goes over the ropes with an impressive tope con hillo to level them both. Back in the ring he sits in with running knees in the corner to both, until Eddie catches him with a neckbreaker. Big Mike starts throwing heavy elbow strikes, but Edwards gives them right back. Cage sends Eddie flying with an overhead belly-to-belly. Elgin hits Cage with a big German suplex for good measure.

Elgin teases a dive of his own, heading to the top rope. Twisting Senton Bomb to the floor takes out both opponents! After another commercial the big bruisers are trading rights and lefts in the ropes, looking for positioning. Elgin gets knocked to the floor and Eddie is there to deliver another Blue Thunder Bomb. He doesn’t forget about Cage, however, leaping to the top and hitting a Backpack Stunner, before applying a single-leg crab. Elgin punches him in the face several times to break the hold, Eddie kicks him in the head, only to turn around to a lariat from Cage.

Elgin with a Dragon Suplex to Brian Cage. He runs a train of lariats on both guys in the corners, then plants Cage with a big DDT and the Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Cage reverses the Elgin Bomb with an Alabama Slam, and Eddie comes flying out of nowhere with the Boston Knee Party. He lifts up Cage and hits a Tiger Driver, but it’s still not enough to put The Machine away. Elgin and Cage trade elbow strikes, then knee strikes. Eddie drops Elgin with another Boston Knee Party to the back of the head, and Cage turns him inside out with a discus lariat. All three men are down.

Cage puts Elgin on the top rope, but gets hit from behind by a springboard knee from Eddie. Elgin with a German suplex, but Eddie lands on his feet and delivers a German of his own. Elgin pops right back up like it was nothing and turns him out with a lariat. He hits the Buckle Bomb slamming Eddie into Cage in the corner, then hits the Elgin Bomb. It’s over.

Winner: Michael Elgin


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