IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/25) Champion vs. Champion


Feb. 25th, 2020
IMPACT Wrestling
Las Vegas, NV

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Tessa Blanchard’s win over Ace Austin is recapped last Saturday. Austin demands a title match. Scott D’Amore makes the match for the X Division Title.

Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Daga

They trade armdrags to start. Van Dam retreats from the ring. Forbes makes out with Van Dam at ringside. Van Dam sends Daga into the ringpost. 

Back in the ring and Van Dam dominates Daga. Van Dam teases a Rolling Thunder but makes out with Katie instead. Daga hits an enzuigiri. Van Dam sends Daga into the corner. Daga gets a Small Package for a nearfall. Katie Forbes walks away. Van Dam is confused. Daga hits a Dropkick. Daga hits a lariat. Van Dam hits a spinning back kick. Daga gets a nearfall from a Go 2 Sleep.

Daga sends Van Dam to the outside. Daga hits a Tope Suicida. Back in the ring and Rob Van Dam decides to leave for the countout in 8:53.


Backstage, Joey Ryan, Rob Van Dam & Joey Ryan bemoan online haters. Ryan says if they ever need to talk, he’s their guy.


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