Impact Wrestling Results (2/4): Ace Austin vs Tommy Dreamer Street Fight


Impact Wrestling Results
February 4, 2020

Show is set to begin at 8/7c on AXS TV. Leave any comments, thoughts, and questions below, or send them to @RossWBermanIV on Twitter.

Show opens with Tessa Blanchard coming out to address the crowd. She tells Ace Austin that she’s “Hard To Kill” but she’s not hard to find, and that he should stop playing games with her. She says she’s getting impatient before their match at Sacrifice. She tells Ace to get out here quickly (but in Spanish). Austin and Reno Scum come out. Thornstowe gets in the ring.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Thornstowe (w/ Ace Austin & Luster The Legend)

Tessa absolutely dominates Thornstowe with chops. Thornstowe counters a Buzzsaw but eats a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors. Luster The Legend slams Tessa into the apron, while Austin distracts.

Back in the ring, Thornstowe rubs his armpit in Blanchard’s face. Thornstowe hits a double chop. Thornstowe stretches Blanchard. Blanchard fights out. Thornstowe slams her to the mat. Thornstowe gets a nearfall. Thornstowe begins to dominate the world champion.

Blanchard dodges a standing moonsault. Blanchard fights back with a moonsault and a hurricanrana. Blanchard hits a Samoan Drop. Tessa kicks Thornstowe off the apron. Tessa hits a series of Tope Suicidas, and then a top rope senton to the floor.

Thornstowe sends Blanchard into the ring but eats a cutter from Blanchard for a nearfall. Thornstowe counters the Buzzsaw. Tessa counters a DDT with a Buzzsaw for the pinfall in 7:52.

WINNER: Tessa Blanchard.

After the match, Austin & Luster attack Blanchard. Tommy Dreamer waddles to the ring and hits Austin & Scum with a kendo stick. Dreamer hands Tessa her title belt.

Backstage Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne argue about Kiera’s hair. Taya Valkyrie interrupts, looking for help against Jordynne Grace, but gets dressed down by both women.

Back from commercial, Tommy Dreamer called out Ace Austin. He challenged Austin to a match, “right here, in Mexicooooooooooo!” He then makes the match a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight.

We get some technical difficulties, as Josh & Don run down some highlights. I assume its some Ohio nonsense.

Rhino vs. Taurus

They lock up. They fight. Rhino goes to the outside and blocks a plancha from Taurus. Rhino and Taurus smash against each other like action figures. Taurus sends Rhino back in the ring.

Taurus works over the arm. Taurus stretches Rhino’s arm. They trade chops. They…smash against each other some more. Taurus gets a nearfall. Taurus hits a Shining Wizard for a nearfall.

Taurus misses an Exploding Senton. Both men roll around in pain. Rhino gets back to his feet. Rhino hits a lariat and a back elbow. Rhino hits a corner spear. Rhino hits a Belly to Belly for a nearfall.

Taurus fights back with some strikes. Rhino hits a Spinebuster. Rhino sets up the Gore but Moose runs in, wearing the shiniest “street clothes” I’ve ever seen for the disqualification in 6:44.

WINNER: Rhino.

Backstage, Elgin delivers a rambling promo about looking up to Edwards, and how now Edwards looks up to him. He says next week he’ll go up 2 and 0. Then the next week, he’ll go 3-0.

Back from commercial and Johnny Swinger challenges The Desi Hit Squad to a match…actually he’s challenging Mahabali Shera to a match with Willie Mack. They then cut to a random flashback with no context as to when and where its from (it is from Sacrifice 2010, thanks google). None of these guys work in the company anymore.


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