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IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/9): Good Brothers Defend, Kimber Lee vs ODB, Final Stop Before No Surrender



IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results
February 9, 2021

8-Man Tag Team Match: Josh Alexander & Suicide & Trey Miguel & Willie Mack def. Ace Austin & Blake Christian & Chris Bey & Shawn Daivari. Trey got the win for his team. After the match Sami Callihan showed up on the tron and continued to torment him, threatening to cost him the Triple Threat Revolver this Saturday at No Surrender.

Kimber Lee def. ODB. A good short match to showcase the returning ODB in the best light possible. Jazz and Jordynne Grace came out at the end to counter interference from Deonna Purrazzo and Susan, but Lee snuck out a small package to win.

— Deonna and Kimber Lee celebrated their win backstage, but Susan scolded them for all the chaos and mismanagement. She demanded to speak to the manager and stormed off to find Scott D’Amore.

— Cousin Jake came out and addressed the option of joining Violence By Design. Eric Young cut him off and said his time was up, and wanted an answer. Jake took off his vest and teased joining the group, but instead said he would stand for “something… Jake Something!” VBD attacked him but Deaner stopped them from trapping his neck in a chair because he wants to face his cousin one-on-one at No Surrender.

— Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows cut a promo on Chris Sabin and James Storm. They talked about Beer Money, America’s Most Wanted and the Motor City Machine Guns calling them all great tag teams, but not as great as the Good Brothers.

Neveah def. Kiera Hogan via DQ. Last week Havok pinned Tasha Steelz. The new Knockouts Tag Team Champions are having a rough time. The ref called for the DQ after Steelz interfered.

— XXXL brought out Tenille Dashwood because they promised never to hit a woman, but something needed to be done about Rosemary. Kaleb with a K challenged anyone in The Decay to a match. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve came out and revealed their surprise new member… Black Taurus!

Black Taurus def. Kaleb. Complete squash match. If you’re not familiar with Black Taurus you’re going to absolutely love him.

— Announced for No Surrender:

  • No DQ match for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Havok & Nevaeh
  • Jake Something vs. Cody Deaner
  • Six-Woman Tag Team Match: Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee & Susan vs. Jordynne Grace & ODB & Jazz
  • Six-Person Tag Team Match: XXXL & Tenille Dashwood vs. The Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: The Good Brothers (c) retained over Chris Sabin & James Storm via DQ. Standard tag team match with Private Party coming out with Matt Hardy at the end to blatantly break up a pinfall.

— Scott D’Amore cut off Private Party’s celebrate and told them the match at No Surrender is now a triple threat for the tag team titles.

— Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer came out and signed the contract for their IMPACT world title match at No Surrender. Dreamer cut a passionate promo about always fighting for the industry and even though he might not be the youngest or most deserving guy he wanted to win the title to have the power to keep fighting for the business. Moose came out and was pissed at not getting the title shot Swann promised him, but is not allowed to get involved because D’Amore threatened to suspend him. He promised to beat whoever wins at No Surrender.


Sami Callihan Discusses The Relationship Between AEW & IMPACT



Sami Callihan

So far, Sami Callihan hasn’t been part of any AEW and IMPACT Wrestling crossovers, but he has spoken about the ‘Forbidden Door’ opening and what that could mean for him.

The two promotions have been working together since December 2020, with New Japan Pro Wrestling also sending wrestlers to both promotions during this time as well, really opening things up.

One of IMPACT’s biggest stars is Sami Callihan, who has been part of the main event scene throughout his time with IMPACT. When speaking with SportsKeeda, Callihan made it clear that if anyone steps to him, he will punch them in the head, as IMPACT is his company.

“If they want to step to me, I’ll punch them in the head. This is my company. IMPACT Wrestling is my company and now that the ‘door’ is open? You never know where I might show up. You can never say never in the professional wrestling business.”

Despite the fact that Sami is protective of his own promotion, he did tease the idea that he could show up somewhere else and make an ‘impact.’

“You want to talk about a ‘forbidden door’? I like forbidden things; I like kicking down doors. And, I think it’s only a matter of time before you see Sami Callihan showing up somewhere, and make an ‘impact’. Pun? 100 percent, absolutely intended.”


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IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/2): X-Division Triple Threat, Good Brothers Team With FinJuice



IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results
March 2, 2021

* * *

X-Division #1 Contender’s Match
Ace Austin def. Black Taurus and Chris Bey 

Pretty standard one-in, one-out triple threat match. Austin and Bey immediately went after Taurus and put the boots to him in the corner, following with a double suicide dive. With the big man removed they took a few minutes to grapple back and forth on the mat, jockeying for position. Taurus came back and slammed them both on top of one another, but Bey caught him with a slingshot DDT over the ropes. Taurus popped back up and held a stalling vertical suplex, until Austin came off the top rope with a missile dropkick, taking them both out. Austin lined up for The Fold but Taurus pounced him across the ring and dropped Bey with a pop-up Samoan Drop for a nearfall. The two smaller guys once again worked together to dump Taurus over the ropes. Bey went for the Art of Finesse, but Madman Fulton tripped him up on the outside. Austin hit The Fold for the 1-2-3.

Ace Austin vs. TJP for the X-Division Championship is now official for IMPACT Sacrifice on Saturday, March 13.


Jordynne Grace and Jazz were interviewed backstage about ODB being attacked backstage last week. They know it was Deonna Purrazzo who was responsible for the attack. Hogan and Steelz interrupted them and mocked ODB, telling Jordynne she was too concerned with Deonna and not concerned enough about having her eyes on the prize: the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.


Brian Myers approached Matt Cardona in the locker room like everything was cool between them, talking about their podcast. Cardona said he didn’t come to IMPACT to be his tag team partner, and was stuck in the middle of his drama with Eddie Edwards. He’s the special ref for their match tonight and must call it right down the middle. Myers asked him to call it “right down the middle-ish” because they’ve been friends since 18, but Cardona said that wouldn’t be “professional”.

Tenille Dashwood def. Jessicka Havok

Nothing Tenille did early on worked. She tried for a tilt-a-whirl into a Russian leg sweep, but Havok wouldn’t go down. Finally Kaleb with a K got up on the apron and distracted Havok, allowing Tenille to hit a neckbreaker in the ropes. She went to work dropping knees to the forehead and slapped on a sleeper hold. Havok shook her off with ease. Big boot. Backbreaker. She missed a corner splash and Tenille nearly caught her with a rollup and her feet on the ropes. Kaleb once again got on the apron and distracted Havok, allowing Tenille to hit the Spotlight Kick to win.

Nevaeh ran out after the match and beat the hell out of Kaleb with a K, dropping him with a DDT. For now it looks like her relationship with Havok is going to be okay!

Sami Callihan cut a promo from Trey Miguel’s home promotion, destroying some of the photos on the wall. He claimed the Rascalz walked out on Trey because they didn’t care about him. Callihan found the ring and beat the hell out of Trey’s trainer and all of their students.

Violent By Design

Eric Young reminded Cody Deaner that he promised to accept the consequences of his actions if he failed to take care of Jake Something, and he’s now failed twice. EY knows that Cody’s eyes are open and that he’s fighting for the right side now, but failure makes you week and if they keep their word it will spread through their ranks like a weed. Joe Doering took Cody to the back and beat the hell out of him. EY eventually picked him up and told Cody that he was doing this for him, to make him a better man.

A vignette aired for the main event at IMPACT Sacrifice featuring Moose, who claimed he didn’t really have a problem with Rich Swann, he had a problem with being disrespected for the past year as people continued to tell him he wasn’t a “real” world champion. He’s going to take a year’s worth of frustration out on Swann next Saturday before taking the IMPACT World Championship so there can never again be debate that he is a five-star athlete and the true best in the world.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows & David Finlay & Juice Robinson def. Acey Romero & Larry D & Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend

Good Brothers took down Larry with a double shoulder tackle, but seemed more intent on taunting FinJuice than following up or going for the pin. They followed with a train of splashes. Finlay tagged in and got beaten down in the heel corner, again because his team couldn’t focus. Good Brothers quickly ran in and hit the Magic Killer on Thornstowe. Okay. This could have been a good match, but it was more of a short segment than an actual attempt at a match.

Eddie Edwards def. Brian Myers via DQ
Referee: Matt Cardona

Edwards dominated the action before the break, keeping his opponent from getting anything going. It got frustrating enough that Myers rolled out to the floor and grabbed a steel chair, smacking it against the ground, but ultimately chose not to use it.

Myers was mysteriously in control after the break, working on a side headlock. Eddie eventually came back with a back body drop, a backdrop suplex and an early Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He tried for the Boston Knee Party but Myers rolled him up for a two-count. Eddie hit a backpack stunner, but the foot was on the ropes. Myers came out of the corner with a big lariat, but Cardona called for the bell immediately. They showed a replay where Myers blatantly loaded up his elbow pad with some sort of red, wooden block. I’m not sure what he thought he could accomplish there as Cardona was literally staring at him as he did it. Myers just walked off afterwards.

Non-Title Triple Threat
Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan

The action was already in progress coming back from the final break of the night. Grace dropped Hogan with a sideslam before laying in clotheslines to the back and face with both arms. Purrazzo ran in and quickly trapped Hogan in the Fujiwara armbar, but Grace broke it up and found herself trapped in the armbar. She was able to power herself to the ropes to break the hold, but the heels swarmed her two-on-one. Hogan dropped Purrazzo with a bulldog and went for pins on both, but couldn’t get it. Grace knocked her silly with forearms and a rolling German suplex. Purrazzo went for a pump kick, Jordynne ducked and Hogan took it on the jaw. All three traded uppercuts and chops in the middle of the ring. Hogan hit Grace with a superkick, but Thicc Momma Pump roared back to life and suplexed both opponents. Susan and Kimber Lee came out, followed by Jazz and Tasha Steelz leading to a huge brawl outside the ring. Grace soared from the top turnbuckle taking down everyone. Grace tried for a second rope splash, but Steelz pulled Hogan to safety and Purrazzo rolled her up for the three-count.

ODB ran out after the match and dropped Deonna Purrazzo with the TKO. The show ended with the Knockouts Legend holding up the Knockouts Championship.

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Three Title Matches Added To IMPACT Sacrifice, Updated Lineup



Three new title matches have been made official for IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice.

To open this week’s IMPACT, Ace Austin beat Chris Bey and Black Taurus to become the X-Division Title number one contender. Austin will get his X-Division Championship match against TJP on March 13.

Additionally, New Japan’s Juice Robinson and David Finlay will challenge The Good Brothers for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship at Sacrifice.

We also know that ODB will challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship. This comes after Purrazzo admitted to attacking ODB last week, so ODB returned the favor to close this week’s show.

Below is the updated Sacrifice lineup, now featuring five title matches.

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice
Saturday, March 13, 2021

IMPACT World Championship Match
Rich Swann (c) vs. Moose

IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. ODB

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match
The Good Brothers (c) vs. Juice Robinson & David Finlay

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

IMPACT X-Division Championship Match
TJP (c) vs. Ace Austin

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