Impact Wrestling Results (3/1): Brian Cage & Johnny Impact Attempt To Coexist, Tessa In Action, More


Impact Wrestling Results
March 1, 2019

— WILLIE MACK def. JAKE CRIST via disqualification after Dave Crist interfered and shoved Mack off the top rope. All of oVe ran out and attacked Mack until TOMMY DREAMER of all people made the save. Dreamer challenged the Crist brothers to a tag team match.


— Johnny Impact did a backstage promo calling himself a “fighting champion” and questioned who he would give the next title shot to. I guess that’s a thing when there’s technically no authority figure.

— FALLAH BAHH & KM def. RENO SCUM but were beaten down by Scum after the  match.

— Disco Inferno is in the building (hooray…) and runs into Ethan Page, wanting to know where the Impact management office is. He walks into a room with all the producers, including a returning D’Lo Brown, and they mock all his creative pitches. They say Disco was hired as an assistant and order him to get them coffee.

— Eli Drake talks to Eddie Edwards backstage and says they were victorious last week because they were WRESTLERS and not madmen running around with kendo sticks. He wants them to be tag team partners, but Eddie refuses.

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— Scarlett Bordeaux announces who she’ll face in her in-ring debut, next week…


— Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan want to help Rosemary battle the dark forces of Su Yung and Dark Allie, with Father James Mitchell. Rosemary says no, it’s not their fight, but Hogan convinces her to take their aid. Rosemary says once Allie is back on her side again, they have to back off and leave them alone.


— The production team sends Disco to go find the Anthem Owl (LOL!).

— Konnan is pissed at LAX in the club house after what they did to the Lucha Brothers last week. He’s going to get another rematch and tells them to stay there while he takes care of business. When Konnan leaves, LAX says THEY are going to take care of business.

— KILLER KROSS & MOOSE def. BRIAN CAGE & JOHNNY IMPACT after the champion took a bad fall off a high risk move and Cage was left alone to get utterly destroyed by the two brutes. And I mean DESTROYED. He was bloodied up badly and suplexed off the top rope, before being speared, then put in a sleeper hold. RIP.