IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/10): Best-Of-Five Ends In Controversy


Desi Hit Squad vs. The Rascalz

Back and forth contest that sees The Rascalz use their speed to avoid The Desi Hit Squad’s endless shenanigans. Dezmond Xavier pins Mahabali Shera after a Corkscrew Splash in 5:57.

WINNERS: The Rascalz

Backstage, Katie Forbes throws away her stripper boots. Joey Ryan defends her from The Deaners and says a bunch of nonsense about “internet trolls.” Forbes, Rob Van Dam & Ryan all just kinda hang out. After the commercial break, a Tennille Dashwood video shows her just wandering around Colorado.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Lacey Ryan

Grace, used to having the size advantage, had a tough time with the taller, equally strong Ryan. Ryan dominates Grace for much of the match, with Grace getting the upperhand off of Ryan’s rookie mistakes. Grace hits a series of face wash knees in the corner. Grace gets a nearfall off of a Vaderbomb.

Ryan regains the upperhand and climbs to the top rope. Grace recovers and battles her on the top rope. Ryan fights back and gets a nearfall off a Frog Splash. Grace dodges a Crossbody. Grace hits the Grace Driver for the pinfall in 7:07.


After the commercial break, a video plays hyping up the 3/31 TNA Special on AXS TV. Backstage, Fallah Bahh realizes that he and TJP could be the first Filipino Tag Team Champions.

We then watch an Ultimate X Match from 2004. Backstage, Chris Sabin is interviewed. He will be the Special Referee at the King of the Mountain Match. He’s interrupted by Moose.

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