IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/15): ‘Feast or Fired’ Returns, Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie, Jimmy Jacobs Calls Out The Monster


IMPACT Wrestling Results
March 15, 2018

– We start things off backstage with current WWE employee Jeremy Borash who’s backstage with a bunch of the men who will compete in tonight’s Feast or Fired match. He reminds us the rules, that we’ll have four briefcases hung above the ring, three containing contracts for title opportunities, and the fourth containing a pink slip.

(1) Sami Callihan def. Fallah Bahh. Sami spent the first half of a match just trying to avoid being crushed to death, coming up with ways to topple Bahh and failing miserably. He eventually chips the big man down and puts on a submission, but Bahh powered out of it and continued his domination. Eventually Sami caught him climbing the ropes, managed to lift him on his shoulders and hit a Death Valley Driver (ish) to get the win.

– OVE came out and attacked Fallah Bahh after the match. They set him up with a chair on his chest and Sami Callihan threatened to hit him with a baseball bat, the same way he narrowly killed Eddie Edwards, but Eddie ran out carrying his own baseball bat in hand and chased them off. His eye looks nasty!

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