IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/17): The Hacker Revealed


March 17th, 2020

IMPACT Wrestling
Las Vegas, NV.

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The final match between Eddie Edwards & Michael Elgin is recapped to start.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: The North (c) vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh

All four men brawl to start. TJP gets dumped to the outside. Bahh absorbs punches from Page & Alexander. Bahh counters a double clothesline and tags in TJP. Bahh & TJP double team Alexander for a nearfall. TJP unleashes a flurry of corner strikes on Alexander.

Alexander tries to use his strength to his advantage, but TJP scraps his way out of being taken out. Page helps Alexander slam TJP. Page tags in. Page corners TJP. Alexander tags in.

Alexander dominates TJP. Page tags in and pummels TJP in the corner. Page tags in Alexander during a stalling suplex. TJP fights out. TJP tags Fallah but the referee misses it. The North take advantage and attack TJP. TJP fights off a double team and hits a Chickenwing Lungblower. Bahh tags in.

Bahh attacks both Page and Alexander. Bahh gets a nearfall. Alexander regains the upperhand and hits a crossbody on TJP on the apron. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, and TJP and Fallah Bahh take out Alexander with a Sole Food/Crossbody combination for a nearfall. Page breaks the pin. All four men are down in the ring. Another flurry of moves, and all four men are down again. TJP falls out of the ring. Alexander and Page double team Fallah Bahh. They hit a Double Body Buster for a nearfall. Page tags in.

Bahh powers out of a nearfall. TJP tags in and hits a flying crossbody. TJP misses a diving Senton. TJP locks Page in the Pinoy Stretch. Bahh locks Alexander in an octopus hold. The referee is taken out by Bahh & Alexander falling on him. Page taps to TJP’s hold while the referee is down.

TJP celebrates, until he finds out the match isn’t over. Bahh sends Alexander to the outside. Bahh hits a Tope Suicida. Page fights off a double team. The North hit a Double Iconoclasm. TJP tries to fight back. Alexander counters a Detonation Kick. Page & Alexander his Northern Assault for the pinfall in 18:42.


After the match, Eddie Edwards hypes up IMPACT Lockdown, while a graphic that reads “Lockdown is postponed. Go to for details” plays in the lower third.

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