IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/17): The Hacker Revealed


A segment called The Real Houswives of Slam Town. Taya Valkyrie introduces Rosemary to all of her friends. It includes the amazing line “Your friend from hell is sucking Holly’s soul.”

Backstage, security is shown around the arena to prevent cyber attacks.

Chris Bey vs. Damien Drake

Bey gets the best of Drake to start. Bey shows off his athleticism. Bey hits a huge kick to the head. Drake retreats from the ring. Bey hits a Tope Con Hiro. Bey throws Drake back in the ring. Bey hits a springboard enzuigiri. Bey hits a Slingshot Neckbreaker.

Drake fights back. Drake hits a Flatliner for a nearfall. Bey fights of an Argentine Rack and hits a Superkick. Bey hits a headscissors. Bey hits a tornado knee strike. Bey hits the Bey-masser to get the pinfall in 3:58.

WINNER: Chris Bey

After the match, we are shown the Gauntlet for the Gold Match from the first TNA Wrestling event, mainly focused on Ken Shamrock.

Backstage, Alisha Edwards asks to be on Jordynne Grace’s team. They bond over the fact that they’re both freaks.

A Dashwood promo plays. Backstage, Moose disrespects Chase Stevens. The two men come to blows.

The Gut Check finals are shown. Tyler Tirva & Shogun are the finalists. Shogun is declared the Gut Check winner.

Back from commercial, Jimmy Jacobs interviews Tessa Blanchard.

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