IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/3) Tessa vs. Taya In Historic Main Event


We are shown an X Division Match from the NWA/TNA days. 

Backstage, Madison Rayne trains a bunch of women, trying to find a protege. Kiera Hogan interrupts and rightfully tells her that this is insane. A trainee stands up to Kiera.

Joey Ryan vs. Acey Romero

Acey uses his strength to dominate Romero. Romero accidentally headbutts Ryan’s dick, knocking him silly. Romero injures his knee on an Atomic Drop.

Romero hits a crossbody. Romero hits a corner splash. Ryan shoves a Blow Pop in Acey’s tights. Romero counters a Sweet Tooth Music. Ryan is unable to Dick Plex Romero. Romero hits a Discus Elbow for the pinfall.

WINNER: Acey Romero

Backstage, Willie Mack is challenged to a tag match by Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger. A Chris Bey hype video plays.

No Disqualification Match: Havok vs. Su Yung

Su Yung tries to hang Havok early. Su Yung takes Havok to the outside and goes for a barricade-run arm drag. Havok counters with a Fireman’s Carry Slam on the entry ramp. Havok grabs chairs from under the ring. 

Havok destroys Yung in the ring with chair shots. Yung fights back and both women trade blows. Havok and Yung fight over a garbage can. Yung puts the can on Havok’s head and hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Yung gets the noose around Havok’s neck. Havok fights back and gets the noose off. Havok ties Yung to the second rope. Yung fights out. They trade blows. Yung hits Havok with a kendo stick. Yung mists Havok. Yung hits her with the stick again. Yung chokes out Havok with the noose. The referee stops the match.


After the match, Yung drags Havok by the neck to the entry way, where the Undead Bridemaids wait with a coffin. Havok fights back and stops Yung and the Bridesmaids from sending her to the undead realm. Havok escapes.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs interviews Rosemary. Rosemary says…stuff. There’s a lot of mystical nonsense in this feud and nobody has made any of it make sense. I don’t know if this needs more writers or less writers but it’s just not working. At all. Put this storyline out of its misery.

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