Impact Wrestling Results (4/28): Rebellion Night Two – Future Of The World Title, Full Metal Mayhem & More


IMPACT Wrestling Results
April 28, 2020
Nashville, TN

— This is week two of Impact’s two-part Rebellion special, originally designed as a pay-per-view and re-formatted as a pre-tapped television special due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for results from night one.

Chris Bey def. Rohit Raju, Suicide & Trey Miguel in a Fatal 4-Way match. Bey is one of the newer Impact signees and was on AEW’s radar before signing with the promotion earlier this year. This was a crazy X-Division style match that would have been even better with a crowd reacting to all the high spots.

— Tessa Blanchard did a video interview from her phone, talking about still being stuck in Mexico and how upset she was to miss tonight’s main event. Okay.

Joey Ryan def. Cousin Jake with a roll-up, using the ropes for leverage. Good match. As entertaining as The Deaners are, it’s really time to let Jake Something shine as a solo act and give him his real name back. As a Chicagoan who has seen a LOT of his work locally, let me just say – a lot of people haven’t seen what Jake is capable of yet.

Rosemary def. Havok in a Full Metal Mayhem match. Weapon spots galore. Neveah was seen watching the match from the ramp, so it looks like she’s a new addition to the Knockouts, at least for now. Neveah is Jake Crist’s wife and an OG member of OI4K (the original oVe). There’s obvious ties to Havok there, so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

— Willie Mack did an interview about becoming X-Division Champion, and said he was proud to hold the belt because he looked up to a lot of the classic champions. Johnny Swinger wants a title shot.

— Michael Elgin was interviewed after a video package that recapped his year-long journey trying to get the world title. He said he wanted to put Tessa and Eddie Edwards in the hospital, but of course they’re not here tonight.

— Elgin came to the ring and said he debuted at Rebellion last year, making a promise to be world champion. Nothing has changed. He claimed Tessa and Eddie were too scared to show up and fight him, and demanded to be made the new champion by forfeit, as he fought and earned the right to a title match.

— Moose came out wearing the old TNA World Heavyweight Championship, dressed as the Ultimate Warrior… He agreed with Elgin that Tessa was holding the title hostage, but that’s okay because the new TNA champion is here! Elgin yelled at him about disrespecting TNA as those letters are the beginnings of what is now Impact Wrestling. The two were interrupted by Shawn Hernandez. And we have a match…

Moose def. Michael Elgin and Hernandez. Slow, big man brawl that had tons of fire and huge moves early on, but everyone but Elgin got super gassed about 10 minutes in. Elgin had the match won after hitting the Elgin Bomb on Supermex, but Moose pulled the ref out of the ring. Another ref came out, and Hernandez dove over the ropes to take everyone out. Moose hit Hernandez with a giant spear and won.

— To end the night, Moose demanded to be announced as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, raising the title over his head in victory.