Impact Wrestling Results (4/14): The Final Road To Rebellion


IMPACT Wrestling
Apri 14th, 2020

Atlanta, GA

Johnny Swinger comes out and says he’s got a Young Bucks, and says he has M. Jackson. Action Mike Jackson comes to the ring and runs down Swinger for being a ungrateful vet.

Johnny Swinger vs. “Action” Mike Jackson

Swinger attacks before the bell. Jackson outwrestles Swinger and gets a nearfall. Jackson hits a Headscissors. Swinger retreats from the ring. Action Mike Jackson does a goddamn Tope Suicida. Legend.

Jackson rolls Swinger back in the ring, but Swinger fights back. Jackson throws Swinger to the mat for a nearfall. Jackson maintains dominance. Jackson ropewalks around the ring. Jackson hits an axe handle. Swinger hits an Atomic Drop. Swinger fights back. Swinger gets a nearfall.

Jackson fights back and drops the straps on his singlet. Jackson hits mounted punches. Swinger fights back with a rollup and feet on the ropes to get the pinfall in 5:20.

WINNER: Johnny Swinger

Backstage, Ace Austin runs down Willie Mack. Trey Miguel interrupts Austin and calls him a “scumbag.” Ace asks how Trey’s mom is, and they come to blows.

Backstage, Ken Shamrock is allowed to just pass through a metal detector.

The Rascalz vs. Team XXXL vs. Reno Scum vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh

TJP pinned Thornstowe via Frog Splash in 11:07.

WINNERS: TJP & Fallah Bahh

After the match, The North came out to get in the winners’ faces. Backstage Raju and Gamma Singh bicker backstage until Gamma slaps him and tells him to fall in line.

Back from commercial, and a recap of Cody Deaner vs. Joseph Ryan is recapped.

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