IMPACT Wrestling Results (6/2): Tournament Finals, #1 Contenders Tag Team Match


IMPACT Wrestling Results
June 2, 2020

The show started with a tribute to George Floyd. A video package recapped the #1 contender’s tournament leading to tonight’s finals between Ace Austin and Trey Miguel.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz def. Kylie Rae & Susie (Su Yung)

Ace Austin talked about moving on from the X-Division and his future as the IMPACT World Champion. Moose showed up and tried to convince him to challenge for the “real” world title, his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, instead of going after Tessa Blanchard.

Joseph P. Ryan def. Crazzy Steve

Ryan recruited oVe, which at this point is just the Crist brothers, as backup for the match. Afterwards, he asked Jake Crist to join Cancel Culture. He said that he needed a “signal of his virtue” and proof that he was dedicated to their moral superiority. Jake knocked his brother Dave’s lights out with a spin kick and left with Ryan.

Rohit Raju def. Chase Stevens

Rohit cut an in-ring promo reminding us that it’s “all about him” now that the Desi Hit Squad is gone. He’s the “Desi Hitman” now, which is a pretty cool name. Rohit yelled about being underrated and taking over IMPACT and such.

Neveah finally revealed why she has come to IMPACT. She and Havok have known each other for a very long time, and now that the whole Father James Mitchell gimmick is dead, she wants to get the band back together.

Jordynne Grace is back! The Knockouts Champion said she’s been training hard while away, and she’s got a craving to get back in the ring. Taya Valkyrie showed up in a ridiculous outfit and taunted her about being gone for so long, despite Taya also being gone the same amount of time. Jordynne wants a match, and even offers to put the title on the line, but of course Taya isn’t ready.

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) def. Fallah Bahh & TJ Perkins to become the #1 contenders to the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

The above was an excellent match. Highly recommended. Both teams shook hands at the end and The Rascalz basically told them they could have a rematch whenever they wanted it.

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo is coming soon!

Michael Elgin came out and called himself the rightful IMPACT World Champion, ranting and raving that he has been screwed out of opportunities time and time again. He does have a point. He called out Sami Callihan, but instead got a very pissed off Ken Shamrock. If you’ll recall, Elgin attacked Shamrock weeks ago and took him out of the #1 contender’s tournament. The two brawled until Elgin bailed.

Ace Austin def. Zachary Wentz to become the #1 contender to the IMPACT World Championship.

Okay, so here’s what happened. Trey Miguel was originally in the spot to face Ace Austin. He was discovered beaten down backstage, and his Rascalz partner Wentz marched to the ring, furious, and demanded to be put in the match so he could whoop Austin’s ass.

Another great match. Actually, a great night of wrestling overall from top to bottom.

The show faded to black, but a surprise vignette popped up just before the hour ended. There was a person in a hood who was watching a breaking news report about the dozens of wrestlers that were recently released in the middle of a pandemic – an obvious reference to WWE – while shots of a ton of people including EC3, Mike and Maria Kanellis, Gallows and Anderson, Eric Young, Drake Maverick and more. I think there might have been a Bulgarian flag in there too.