Impact Wrestling Results (6/21): Michael Elgin vs Rich Swann vs Johnny Impact


Impact Wrestling Results
June 21, 2019

– TESSA BLANCHARD def. JAKE CRIST // Blanchard was fired up right from the start, taking the fight to Crist with stiff forearm shots and a suicide dive to the floor, then hit the ring and went for the dive two more times. She went for an early Magnum but ate a superkick, and Crist slowed things down. Blanchard tried to fight back several times, eventually hitting a Tornado DDT off the ropes, a bunch of superkicks, and finally the Magnum to score the win.

– All of oVe came out and swarmed the ring, talking a bit of trash to Jake Crist for losing to a woman. Blanchard managed to escape the ring before they could attack her, and stared a hole through Sami Callihan.

MADMAN FULTON def. EDDIE EDWARDS // Eddie came out while oVe was still in the ring and fought them all off. Fulton chokeslammed him into the apron early, then stalked him around the ring hitting a second and third chokeslam. He nearly powerbombed him out to the floor, but Eddie made his comeback for a nearfall, then dove to the floor to take out Callihan with a suicide dive. He looked to put the match away, but Killer Kross appeared on the tron, somewhere backstage, with a tied up Sandman who he proceeded to waterboard. Seriously. Fulton hit his finisher and got the win.

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– Alisha Edwards tried to calm her husband down backstage, reminding him of all the hell they went through with Sami Callihan last year, telling him not to get involved in something even worse. He took off after Kross anyways.

MOOSE def. TOMMY DREAMER // Things quickly spilled to the outside with Dreamer removing some of the pads on the floor, but Moose sent him crashing into the apron. The big man controlled several minutes of the match until Dreamer came back and caught him with the Dusty Elbow and big DDT, then fought him up to the top rope for a superplex. Dreamer snapped and got a steel chair, but Moose kicked it into his face and stole the match.


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