Impact Wrestling Results (6/28): Cage Confronts Elgin, Six-Man Insanity, Knockouts Tag Team Action & More


Impact Wrestling Results
June 28, 2019

— We’re back at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY this week for the second to last episode of Impact before the annual Slammiversary PPV.

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) def. The Deaners // Alexander got cut open within the first few minutes of the match. A good back and forth opening match, maybe the best from the Deaners so far.

— Rosemary invited Taya Valkyrie into her weird dungeon lair to go over strategy for tonight’s tag team match. Taya is super creeped out, and Rosemary makes her promise to uphold her end of the deal. I guess the deal is, Taya promised her a shot at the title in exchange for protection.

— It’s officially announced that Killer Kross will return to face Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary in a First Blood Match, so it looks like Kross wasn’t murdered when he had his face ripped off.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie def. Jessicka Havok & Su Yung via DQ // Taya and Rosemary had trouble getting on the same page early on, but it didn’t take long for things to break down between Havok and Su as well. Yung got DQ’d after attacking Rosemary with a steel chair, and things turned into an all-out brawl. More chairs were involved. Thumbtacks everywhere. Yung and Havok nearly went at it, but James Mitchell managed to keep them from killing one another.

— Ace Austin is interviewed and blamed his first loss in Impact on TJP because there was no way to prepare for an opponent who wasn’t even in the company. TJP ended up interrupting him and announced a match between the two for next week, so that Ace will have all the time he needs to get ready.

— Eddie Edwards is in a confessional booth. He talks about having lost literally everyone and everything in his life, but he doesn’t really care because he’s listening to the voice in his head now, and it keeps telling him to do bad things. Killer Kross shows up, but the two agree not to fight inside a church. Someone’s going to bleed at Slammiversary.

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Sami Callihan def. Fallah Bahh //

The Rascalz def. LAX & Laredo Kid //

— It’s announced that next week, all three members of The Rascalz will face off in a friendly triple threat competition. Whoever loses that match will sit it out at Slammiversary when they face LAX for the tag team titles.

— Madison Rayne admitted that her win over Jordynne Grace was tainted by interference from Keira Hogan, and offers her another shot if she wants it. Hogan shows up and trashes the Knockouts division, calling all the women “selfish bitches”, and the only difference between them is that she’s willing to admit it.

— Impact World Champion Brian Cage came out and called down Michael Elgin. He said it took him 14 years to finally win the world title and in his greatest moment, Elgin ruined everything and sent him to the hospital. At Slammiversary he’ll see Elgin coming, and he’ll be ready this time. Some guy claiming to be the Impact doctor came out and said that Cage wasn’t medically cleared to compete, so the champ gave him an F5.

Elgin attacked from behind and hit him with the Buckle Bomb and the Elgin Bomb, but Cage kept getting back up so he hit him with a second Elgin Bomb. He set up a table on the outside of the ring, and somehow powerbombed the big man over the top rope, through the table. Wow! At this point Don Callis rushed the ring and screamed at him to stop. Elgin hit him with a spinning backfist, and threatened to powerbomb him, but Cage got up from a stretcher, ripped a neck brace off, and got back into the ring. The show closed with the two brawling.