Impact Wrestling Results (7/19): Unlikely Alliances Formed in Mash-Up Tournament, Triple Threat Knockouts Match


July 19, 2019

— Tonight is the first ever Impact Mash-Up Tournament featuring teams of people who generally can’t stand each other. The winners will face each other for an opportunity at the Impact World Championship.

EDDIE EDWARDS & MOOSE def. CODY DEANER & ROHIT RAJU in a Mash-Up Tournament first round match // Nobody’s surprised here. Raju and Deaner couldn’t get on the same page and Moose speared the hell out of both of them. Edwards with the Boston Knee Party to win.

JAKE CRIST & ZACHARY WENTZ def. MADMAN FULTON & RICH SWANN in a Mash-Up Tournament first round match // Swann got worked over for a good portion of the match. Fulton eventually came in and cleaned house. He and Crist had a tense staredown, and Fulton ended up turning on his own partner. Had to happen at some point. Jake hit God’s Last Gift to win.

MICHAEL ELGIN & WILLIE MACK def. ACE AUSTIN & STONE ROCKWELL in a Mash-Up Tournament first round match // RIP Rockwell. After Mack squashed him early on, Elgin decimated him with a lariat at the end before hitting his usual Buckle Bomb and Elgin Bomb combo.

SAMI CALLIHAN & TESSA BLANCHARD def. DAVE CRIST & TREY MIGUEL in a Mash-Up Tournament first round match // Really good match. Some comedy early as the oVe guys mocked the “Fingerpoke of Doom” spot and Callihan tried to get the easy win, but Trey broke it up. Lots of superkicks early on. Tessa came off looking like a badass. She hit the Magnum and a Tornado DDT but at some point injured her knee. Callihan tagged himself in and pinned Trey with the Cactus Driver.

JESSICKA HAVOC def. MADISON RAYNE and TAYA VALKYRIE // Referee John E. Bravo with lots of interefernce throughout. He saved Taya from being crushed by Havoc and helped her to the back. Havoc pinned Madison instead with the Tombstone Piledriver.

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— Michal Elgin cuts a promo backstage saying that he’s going to win this tournament tonight, then beat Willie Mack to get his title shot. He calls Brian Cage a coward because their match next week, a Street Fight, doesn’t have the title on the line.

SAMI CALLIHAN & TESSA BLANCHARD def. MICHAEL ELGIN & WILLIE MACK, MOOSE & EDDIE EDWARDS, and JAKE CRIST & ZACHARY WENTZ in a tag team elimination match to win the Mash-Up Tournament Finals // They did a bunch of dives early on leading to Moose powerbombing Edwards out of the ring through everybody. Elgin was a beast early on and traded some nasty shots with Edwards before hitting him with a spinning back fist, followed by the Elgin Bomb to eliminate his team. He had a great staredown with Tessa Blanchard as well, and took out Callihan with another spinning back fist. Elgin then murdered his own partner with a lariat and walked out. Callihan hit the Cactus Driver on Mack and eliminated them as well. Things wrap up with lots of superkicks. Jake took out Tessa with a Death Valley Driver. oVe tried to do the Fingerpoke of Doom spot again, but this time Jake nearly rolled up Callihan to win. The two started killing each other with kicks and elbow strikes. Blanchard tagged herself back in and hits a top rope Magnum on Crist to win the match for her team.

— Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard II is now official – winner gets Brian Cage and the Impact World Championship!