IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/28): Good Brothers In-Ring Debut, Eddie Edwards Defends & More


IMPACT Wrestling Results
July 28, 2020

IMPACT World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c) def. Trey Miguel to retain. The match started with a handshake and a lockup in the center of the ring. They worked a slower-paced main event style match playing more to Eddie’s strengths. Lots of good grappling and counter-wrestling, with intermittent flurries of crazy offense from Trey. As they went on it got more and more physical, and the pace picked up quite a bit. Eddie retained with the Tiger Driver and a Boston Knee Party.

— Eric Young came out to the stage but refused to get in the ring with Eddie Edwards. He said the champ was a marked man and told him to rest up.

Wrestle House: In the debut segment of Wrestle House, about a dozen IMPACT stars were teleported to a house without warning, to compete in a bizarre reality television competition where Tommy Dreamer is the host. Things quickly got out of control, but Kylie Rae and Susie worked out a truce to keep the peace. The first problem arose when there weren’t enough bedrooms for everyone, so Dreamer yelled “MATCH TIME!” and suddenly everyone was transported outside, next to a wrestling ring. Kylie was the referee, and Romero pinned Steve for the right to sleep in the ring that night.

— Rohit Raju continued his quest to be an enforcer for X-Division Champion Chris Bey, who still doesn’t seem to care that he exists. Rohit convinced TJP to re-enter the X-Division picture and face Bey next week. The idea is that Rohit worked his way into a job where he’ll be ringside for Bey to counteract Fallah Bahh.

— Josh Alexander cut a promo about how The North were still the greatest tag team in the world, the best tag team in IMPACT history, and how they were coming after their championships. He pivoted to Ethan Page, who was trying not to cry, and walked off without speaking.

— Heath Slater interrupted a promo from Moose and claimed he had been given a contract by the TNA Championship Committee to face him for the title. Moose got mad and said there was no committee, but if Heath wants to prove he really is the hottest free agent in wrestling today, he’ll get his match next week. Scott D’Amore walked up and told Heath he could have a contract if he wins next week.


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