IMPACT Wrestling Results (7/21): Good Brothers Arrive, EC3 Returns, The North Defend & More


IMPACT Wrestling Results
July 21, 2020

IMPACT has a brand new updated intro video, with new music, adding Moose as TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Edwards with the world title, the Good Brothers, EC3 and more to the graphics!

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are back on commentary. We head to the ring to get things started with a huge Slammiversary rematch!

X-Division Championship Rematch: Chris Bey (c) vs. Willie Mack

Bey flies across the ring with a dropkick, tries to roll up the challenger, but Mack simply mounts him and starts throwing hard elbow shots and body blows. He fires off with more elbows out of the corner, staggering the champ, but Bey plays possum and tosses him throat-first into the ropes. He looks to fly, diving through the ropes, but Mack scoops him out of the air and delivers a thudding body slam out on the floor.

Bey takes another cheap shot in the ropes on the way back in. He kicks the challenger into the turnbuckles, follows with a dropkick to the back, and slaps on a side headlock. The big man shoves him off. Shoulder tackle. Shoulder tackle. Standing moonsault, into the cover, but only gets two. Mack tells him to “get the [bleep]up” and gives the champ a dropkick. He heads up top looking for the Six Star Frog Splash, but crashes and burns as Bey rolls out of the way. Bey rebounds off the ropes with a KILLER springboard cutter. 1… 2… 3.

Winner & Still X-Division Champion: Chris Bey

Josh Matthews recaps the Slammiversary main event, focussing on what happened to Rich Swann after coming back from knee surgery and a long recovery. If you missed it, Eric Young wrapped his knee in a steel chair and stomped on it, then rammed it into the ring post.

The Good Brothers Have Arrived!

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are in the IMPACT Zone! “Machine Gun” gives us a “Hey Yo” ala Scott Hall, and says he always wanted to do that. He says for months people have been speculating on where they would end up, and within one night, they made Slammiversary the most talked about even in the business this past weekend.

Anderson calls the Good Brothers the best tag team in the world, Gallows the best big man in the world, and himself the best professional wrestler in the damn world. The big man claims the IMPACT shop is already sold out of all their merch – soon to be restocked – and they’re so good right now, these days they don’t even need to “Too Sweet”.

They’re interrupted by former X-Division Champion Ace Austin and his monster associate, Madman Fulton. Austin says he’s going to give them one chance to apologize for what happened at Slammiversary. He understands why they did it – he and Fulton are the “top guys” and the Good Brothers needed to mark their territory.

Austin slaps the beer out of Anderson’s hand, and Fulton claims they won’t do anything about it. Things quickly turn into a brawl, and the Good Brothers make easy work of the intruders, tossing them both over the top rope, retreating up the ramp with their tails tucked.


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