IMPACT Wrestling ‘Emergence’ Week One Results: World Tag Team Titles On The Line, Good Brothers In Action


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Moose (c) vs. Trey Miguel

After formal in-ring introductions, Trey rushes the champion but gets tossed into the corner and chopped hard by the big man. Immediate commercial break.

We’re back as Trey attempts to chop Moose down to size with rapid kicks and body shots. He gains wrist control and does some impressive rope work, backflipping from the top turnbuckle into an armdrag. He’s all kinds of pumped up, but Moose clobbers him in the ropes and Trey takes a bump out to the floor.

The champ begins to stalk his opponent, pelting him with kicks to the head, arm, shoulder and body. Moose sets in with mounted punches, and again tosses Trey across the ring like a sack of potatoes. Chops. Big boot. Trey fires back and goes crazy with rights and lefts, hits the ropes and… runs right into a mammoth dropkick.

Moose rakes the eyes and continues to stomp on various body parts. At this point, he’s just being cruel. He screams something about the beating being intended for Suicide, who he hates because he’s a relic of TNA.

Trey ducks a clothesline and goes low with a dropkick. Another. A knee strike wobbles the big man. Trey off the ropes, Moose catches him, scoops him up for a big suplex, but the challenger turns it into a DDT! 1… 2.. .NO! He looks to fly, but Moose catches him in midair and hurls him into the barricade.

The referee begins his count. 6… 7… Trey doesn’t know where he is. 8… 9… and he barely rolls back into the ring. The champion sets up for a spear. Trey is slow to get up, but counters with a sunset flip pin for two. Moose throws him into the corner and this time connects with the spear. It’s over.

Winner & Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Moose

— Moose attempts to celebrate his win, but EC3 sneaks into the ring and drops him with an inverted DDT. He takes the TNA world title and leaves the building with it in hand.

— A video package aired where Eric Young talked about all the different roles he’s played throughout his career, showing footage from his earlier TNA days and various gimmicks. He says what the world is seeing now is him in his purest form. What he’s doing isn’t for the fans anymore, it’s for him, and him alone.

— This week’s IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is a clip from a stretcher match between Eric Young and Kurt Angle from TNA Hardcore Justice 2015.


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