IMPACT Wrestling ‘Emergence’ Week One Results: World Tag Team Titles On The Line, Good Brothers In Action


Willie Mack Interview: The former X-Division Champion is asked about EY attacking his best friend Rich Swann, twice now, and the possibility of Swann never wrestling again. Brian Myers interrupts them and hijacks the interview. He says he’s sick of being called a good hand, and he’s sick of all the decisions in the wrestling business being made by an out of touch 70-year-old man. He won’t be denied any longer. Security shows up and he attacks them, as the camera guy goes down in the scuffle.

— Heath bought more television time to run an ad, trying to convince the fans to get #Heath4IMPACT trending on social media, because he’s still got kids and he needs the job.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

It’ll be Ace Austin starting things off against “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson. The former X-Division champion delivers some kicks to the gut, but Anderson takes him to the mat and starts raining down with closed fists. Anderson picks him up by the ear and makes the tag to the Big LG, who continues the clobbering.

Madman Fulton tags himself in and takes out Anderson. He throws him into the heel corner and stomps away, but Austin makes the mistake of tagging back in and runs into a big boot from Gallows. He thinks better of it and tags out to Fulton, who comes face to face with the Big LG.

Gallows slaps him in the face as soon as he starts trash talking. They both hit the ropes and collide, neither budging. Gallows backs him into the corner with body shots and elbow strikes. Fulton comes back with shots of his own and hits a boot in the opposite corner. Austin joins in with pot shots from the apron.

Again Austin tags in, and again he immediately gets squashed by the big man. Anderson tags in and splashes him in the corner. He tries for it again but Fulton hits the ring and blindsides the Good Brothers. Body slam for Anderson.

In comes Austin again… and this time he actually gets in some offense, slowing things down a bit with a few holds. He takes a playing card from under his wrist tape and slices Anderson’s hand, and when the ref yelled at him about it, Fulton went on the attack. Great team work here.

Gallows gets the hot tag and cleans house. Clothesline. Clothesline. Fallaway slam. Corner splash. Back elbow. Running shoulder tackle. Pump kick. Austin is DEAD. They set up for the Magic Killer, but Fulton makes the save. They clothesline him over the ropes and Gallows goes to the floor brawling with him.

Anderson tries for a Brainbuster, Austin wriggles free and hits a spin kick to the jaw. Fulton returns and levels Anderson with a lariat, then lawn darts him into the turnbuckles. Austin follows with a running knee strike. Madman goes back outside and continues to brawl with Gallows, but gets booted over the barricade. Magic Killer connects on Austin for the 1… 2… 3.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Wrestle House: Kylie Rae defeated Taya Valkyrie in the outdoor ring, with Rosemary as the referee. Larry D is trying to put the moves on Rosemary and was eyeballing her during the match. Afterwards she told him they’d be seeing each other later… Crazzy Steve tells John E. Bravo that he’s totally blowing it with Rosemary.


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