Impact Wrestling Results (8/23): Callihan vs Dreamer No DQ, Michael Elgin vs Rhino


Impact Wrestling Results
August 23, 2019
Port Hueneme, CA

An opening video package centered around Tessa Blanchard’s rivalry with oVe, as well as the Michael Elgin and Rhino physicality, the drama between Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards, and more.

Match #1 – Michael Elgin vs. Rhino fought to a double-out. 

This was a wild brawl and both heavyweight juggernauts beat the absolute tar out of each other. In the end Elgin blocked the Gore with a high knee strike to the jaw, and a running lariat. They continued fighting outside the ring until the ref counted them out. The action kept going until a heard of officials came out and separated them. They tried to anyways. It took additional security to actually get the job done.

After a commercial break, Elgin was interviewed backstage and claimed things between him and Rhino were far from over. He was about to challenge him, but Rhino came out of nowhere and the two continued to fight.

Match #2 – The North (c) def. Reno Scum to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championships. 

Pretty solid match. Looks like Thornstowe and Luster the Legend are in better shape than the last time I saw them, although to be fair I haven’t seen them much outside of Impact so that could be an old development. Thornestowe almost won the match with a Death Valley Driver, went up top looking for a Moonsault, but The North caught him and hit their finisher. No post-match action.

Ace Austin continued to flirt with Alisha Edwards in the locker room. He claimed he was injured and couldn’t get dressed, and asked her to help him take his shirt off.

Madison Rayne played the “locker room leader” card as the resident veteran among the active competitors, giving Jordynne Grace advice about not getting involved with Rosemary. Grace blows her off and said she doesn’t need anyone’s advice.

Match #3 – Havok def. Alisha Edwards

Alisha did her best not to get destroyed, but couldn’t avoid Havok for very long and ended up basically getting mauled around the ring. After some bullying, Havok hit the Tombstone Piledriver and that’s all she wrote.

Ace Austin came out to check on his injured friend. Eddie Edwards came out and was not happy at all about him being there. The two chased each other around and Havok ended up chokeslamming Eddie, while Austin left with his Alisha.

Moose is walking around the streets of Los Angeles and hits on some chicks. He dressed to the nines. Moose isn’t worried about Ken Shamrock calling him out for a fight in Las Vegas next month. He’s made a career out of putting down legends, and the again UFC Hall of Famer will be no exception.

Match #4 – Jake Crist (c) def. Rich Swann to retain the X-Division Championship. 

A video aired promoting the Impact debut of Tenille Dashwood. She talked about wrestling everywhere around the world in some of the best promotions, but is coming for the Knockouts Championship on day one.

Taya Valkyrie cuts a promo talking about becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in company history next week, and to celebrate she’ll be putting the title on the line against someone “new”.

Match #5 – Willie Mack def. Trey Miguel

This was kept short, but they got a lot of cool stuff in and took advantage of their time. The finish saw Miguel doing a bunch of Cheeky Nandos kicks to his opponent in the corner, hitting a 619 around the post, but Willie caught him with a stunner.

Match #6 – Sami Callihan def. Tommy Dreamer in a No DQ Match

They started off with a hot back-and-forth match and slowly devolved into a wild plunder-fest. Out came the chairs, the trash cans, a ladder. It wasn’t the insane hardcore matches both guys have done several times, including with one another in Impact, but they still beat the crap out of each other. Dreamer got the first nearfall with a DDT after hitting a slingshot into a ladder. He tried for a piledriver, but Callihan flipped him into a chair. Dreamer came back and put him on a ladder, went up top, but crashed and burned. Callihan hit the Cactus Piledriver for the win.

Tessa Blanchard ran down to stop oVe from murdering Dreamer (okay, so just breaking his arm, but still) and tried to hit Callihan with a baseball bat. Jake Crist took her out from behind, and Sami hit her with the Cactus Piledriver for good measure.