Impact Wrestling Results (9/13): Austin Aries Defends the Impact World Title, Lucha Bros vs Cult of Lee


Impact Wrestling Results
September 13, 2018

— When we last left Impact Wrestling, the unholy alliance of Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose were laying waste to Johnny Impact just moments after he announced himself as #1 contender to the Impact World Championship at Bound for Glory. 


Aries, Kross and Moose made their way to the ring all dressed up in black suits, with a golden couch set up in the ring for their arrival. The champ bragged about how nobody could beat them, and every man who has stepped up has been put down with ease. A fan in the crowd yelled that he could kick Aries’ ass, and they dared him to jump the rails and try his luck. Moose joked about how nobody has seen Eddie Edwards in weeks, and maybe he should go check on Alisha and bring her some champaign.

KM and Fallah Bahh randomly made their way out, and Aries began mocking the both of them. He tried to give Bahh a banana and told him it would make him less fat, then made a crack about not being able to fat-shame anyone in 2018. KM said the whole “greatest man that ever lived” was a lie, because not only was Aries a rotten human being, but he’s the worst world champion this company had ever seen. He started ranting at Moose for stabbing his best friend in the back, claiming he would never do something like that to his best friend Fallah Bahh.

Aries, growing sick of these two stealing his spotlight, shut them up and said he had a “peace offering” for the big man. He offered Fallah a shot at the Impact World Championship, and the two very cautiously shook hands.


Penta tossed his brother into a huge double dropkick right out of the gate, sending the Cult of Lee scurrying to the floor. Fenix then teased a dive to the outside, but instead rebounded off the ropes, landing on his feet as the Lucha Bros. strike a pose and taunt their opponents.

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After a commercial break Trevor Lee tried to catch Fenix out of the air, but ate an elbow strike to the jaw. The high-flyer set in with some brutal strikes and kicks, but a distracted referee led to Lee and Konley putting the boots to him in the corner, gaining their first advantage of the night. They worked Fenix over for several minutes, working quick tags and taking about a dozen different cheap shots while manipulating the referee, as Pentagon desperately begged to get back into the action.

Eventually Fenix managed to take both guys out with a handspring rolling cutter, and finally made the hot tag to his brother. Pentagon threw Fenix into another cutter on Fenix, followed by a ridiculous, indescribable double Destroyer spot squashing Konley. Penta went to work with murderous chops all over Konley’s chest, echoing around the arena. Fenix made the tag and they set up for a spike package piledriver off the top rope, but Trevor Lee broke it up.

All hell broke loose with all four guys brawling all over the place. Lee came off the top with a double stomp to Fenix, but both the lucha stars delivered stereo superkicks to get right back into the action. Lee and Fenix battled on the top rope, until the later did some rope-walking and flew to the floor, taking out Konley instead. Pentagon looked to put things away hitting a Lungblower on Lee from the second rope. He set up for the package piledriver, and Fenix flew off the ropes and spiked him, as the Lucha Bros. scored the victory.

Winners: The Lucha Bros. 

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