Impact Wrestling Results (7/12): Killer Cross Speaks, DeAngelo Williams Returns, Huge 6-Man Main Event & More


Impact Wrestling Results
July 12, 2018
Report by Mike Killam for

— Josh Matthews and Don Callis welcomed us to Impact Wrestling before a long video package recapped the feud between Eddie Kingston and Konnan, leading to the return of Homicide and Hernandez last week.

(1) HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ def. TWO DEAD GUYS. We didn’t get names on the jobbers, because the match lasted about one minute. The LAX boys attacked before the bell, put the boots to the local guys, and Big Hernandez hit the Border Toss to pick up the win.

— After the match Eddie Kingston got on the mic and talked about how Konnan turned his back on the real LAX by leaving Homicide at a strip club in Mexico. Something like that. The end result is that he challenged Konnan, Santana and Ortiz to a 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary.

— Later tonight we will hear from DeAngelo Williams, who is returning to Impact Wrestling to provide an update on his friend Moose’s training for Slammiversary.

— From the OVE cam, Sami Callihan cut a ruthless promo about taking the mask from Pentagon Jr. at Slammiversary, and making him face the ultimate humiliation in front of his friends, family and peers. But that’s if he makes it to next Sunday, as OVE will face Pentagon, Fenix and Rich Swann later tonight in a huge six-man tag team match.

(2) ALLIE def. SHOTSI BLACKHEART. The newcomer got the upper hand with some unorthodox offense early on, including an interesting modified body stretch. The two traded chops back and forth, with Allie get the better of the exchange and firing off with hard elbow strikes. She crashed and burned on a cannonball in the corner, and Shotsi followed up with one of her own, but only got two. The bout was neck and neck throughout, as neither woman would stay down for long. In the end Allie managed to string together enough offense, dodge a second rope senton splash and connect with a Codebreaker to pick up the win. Solid showing for the newcomer from RISE.

— After the match, Tessa Blanchard stormed the ring and dropped Allie with a Hammerlock DDT.

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