IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/24): Mixed Tag Main Event, Undead Realm Returns


After the commercial, Tenille Dashwood wanders around Vegas. We then watch LAX vs. Team 3D from TNA Sacrifice 2008.

Afterwards, Cancel Culture bemoans the “toxic misogyny” of The Deaners. The Deaners then say they don’t want to get cancelled. Joke’s on all of us because everything is cancelled now.

At a room in his house, Sami Callihan says he wants to wrestle Ken Shamrock at Rebellion (which is cancelled).

oVe vs. Sabu & Rhyno (w/ Super Genie)

Fulton & Crist use their size and youth to keep the upperhand. Sabu eventually gets a number of steel chairs from Genie. Sabu hits a huge dive on Madman Fulton. Dave Crist low blows Rhyno. The referee gets fed up with Crist’s antics and takes a chair away from him. Rhyno takes advantage with a Gore for the pinfall in 8:12.

WINNERS: Sabu & Rhyno

Backstage, Su Yung does…something. Its hard to really follow at this point. She runs into Havok and James Mitchell…who has a throne for some reason. Su and Havok fight. Su and Havok end up in a different dimension.

MAIN EVENT: Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie

A very good back and forth tag match. Elgin pinned Edwards via Elgin Bomb in 18:08.

WINNERS: Michael Elgin & Taya Valkyrie

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