Impact Wrestling Results (11/12): X-Division Scramble, The North Defends, Tessa Battles oVe & More



Hogan is at ringside but has her arm in a sling after suffering an injury legitimately in last week’s match. Madison taunts her opponent and points to her own ass, so Nicole dropkicks her and tries for an early rollup. No good. Rayne rebounds off the ropes into a second rope Meteora, and stays on top of her with wild rights and lefts. She goes for a blatant choke in the ropes, and doesn’t seem to be taking this match seriously. After a few minutes of headlock action Nicole finally mounts her comeback. Rayne decides she’s above it all and just walks out, up the entrance ramp, so Nicole goes after her. It’s a trap! The two brawl back to the ring, both nearly catch each other with roll-ups. Rayne hits the CrossRhodes, and it’s over.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Johnny Swinger is in the locker room. He tells Aiden Prince that Petey Williams is a “mark” and he refused to be his young boy, so he pooped in his bag. Good ole pranksi! Prince is grossed out, and Petey comes in and grabs another bag. Swinger is confused until KEN SHAMROCK comes in and freaks out, wanting to know what smells like crap. Swinger says it’s his all-protein diet, and the MMA god walks away with his poop-filled bag.


They start off nailing each other in the face with big boots, over and over again. Daga throws the former champ out to the floor and hits a crazy triangle springboard corkscrew…thing…to take him out. Jake catches him with a cheap shot in the ropes and tries for a DDT from the apron, but Daga blocks it with his hands and kips back up, nailing Crist with a superkick.

Back from commercial and the two are once again trading nasty chops and strikes. Crist with a series of lariats to take him down, then locks in a Last Chancery. Daga struggles out with stiff elbows to the face, but Jake kicks him in the ropes over and over again. Daga surprises with a headscissors takedown out of nowhere, then shot off the ropes with a DDT. He fires up with stiff kicks and rapid fire armdrags. Jake gets a boot up in the corner to block a charge, pops him up into the air and delivers a Death Valley Driver! He tries for a German suplex bridge to put it away, but Daga kicked out and hit his own German bridge for a nearfall. Jake with a trio of superkicks, one big hook kick for good measure, but it’s still not enough. The two fought to the top rope and traded elbow strikes. Daga got a headbutt and sent his opponent flying with a springboard rana. Butterfly Driver connects! 1…2…3!

Winner: Daga


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