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Impact Wrestling Results (11/12): X-Division Scramble, The North Defends, Tessa Battles oVe & More



We’re backstage with Johnny Swinger again. He’s bragging to Jimmy Jacobs and a bunch of jabronis about how he took a huge dump in Ken Shamrock’s bag. Everyone is disgusted and walks off, and he calls them all marks.

Jordynne Grace approaches Taya Valkyrie backstage and wants a match for the Knockouts Championship. Taya mocks her with her stupid stuffed dog and says Jordynne doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a real champion. She hasn’t earned a title shot yet. John E. Bravo says he wants to fight Jordynne, but she says that’s not much of a challenge and says she’ll take them BOTH on next week in a handicap match.


Havok tossed her around the ring for a bit and went on the hunt, stalking Moon around the ring, sort of casually beating the hell out of her as she saw fit. After a few minutes Havok decided to put things away, but ate the turnbuckle as Moon barely avoided a splash. She delivered a few kicks before heading to the top rope, but Havok caught her for an easy chokeslam. 1…2… Havok pulls her off the mat before the final count, just to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver. Good lord.

Winner: Krystal Moon

Brian Cage storms backstage and basically forces himself into the elimination match next week for the #1 contender’s shot at the world title. It’s official!


Alexander starts out and runs right into a series of arm drags from Edwards. He tags out to Ethan Page, who runs into the exact same thing. Marufuji tags in and they take turns trying to see who can chop Page the hardest. Alexander eventually takes a cheap shot from the outside and The North immediately gang up on Marufuji, but Eddie makes the save a wild brawl breaks out as we go to commercial.

We come back to Edwards hammering Page with what Callis describes as “leave the business” chops. Alexander tags in and they go shot for shot. The North again the better of things – their tag team chemistry is clearly better, as the challengers have really yet to get any sort of consistent momentum going together. Eddie tags a brutal backbreaker from Alexander, immediately followed by a backbreaker from Page.

Marufuji finally gets the hot tag and starts delivering kicks to everyone. Alexander rushes him but gets tossed with a snap suplex. Page charges and gets caught with a suplex. Eddie hits the ring and delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb, then rocks Alexander with a big boot. All four start swinging with wild rights and lefts. The North deliver stereo superkicks. Eddie and Maru give ’em back. All four guys are down.

Eddie holds Alexander while Marufuji connects with a hook kick. Page makes the save but gets turned inside out with a lariat. Edwards hit a huge sit-down powerbomb, followed by a superkick from Marufuji, but Alexander somehow gets his shoulder up and 2.99. The North fire back with elbow strikes out of desperation. Eddie is singled out and takes about a dozen elbow strikes from both guys, one after another. The finally hit him with their Burning Hammer/Alabama Slam combo to win.

Winner & Still Champions: The North


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Taya Valkyrie Written Off IMPACT Wrestling




Taya Valkyrie has finished up with IMPACT Wrestling.

The former Knockouts Champion was finally revealed as the shooter who attempted to murder John E. Bravo last year at the end of Bravo’s wedding to Rosemary. She was taken away by security after being confronted by Tommy Dreamer and Larry D, and it was made clear that she was being written off television.

Dreamer made jokes about Taya ending up in either a Jacksonville or Stamford “prison” for her crimes, an obvious reference to her potentially signing with AEW or WWE. Larry D also joked that he hopes she doesn’t end up in Baltimore, where Ring of Honor operates.

According to, Taya had a two-year contract but extended it to a third year in 2019. That contract ended when 2020 did, and she stuck around to put over the current Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, at IMPACT Hard To Kill.

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AEW Official Interferes In IMPACT Main Event; Private Party Next In Line To Challenge Good Brothers



For the first time ever, two stars from All Elite Wrestling are next in line to challenge for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships – and you can thank Tony Khan.

As previously reported, Matt Hardy made a surprise return to IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday night with his incredibly talented clients Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen. After petitioning for a match with the Good Brothers, it was decided that Private Party would first face the makeshift duo of Chris Sabin and James Storm, two legends of the TNA tag team division, with the winners earning a future title opportunity.

While Tony Khan has been appearing in “paid advertisements” for several weeks, the AEW President actually stepped foot inside the IMPACT Zone this week. He wasn’t alone, bringing veteran wrestler and AEW producer Jerry Lynn as backup.

The two sat ringside during the main event, and up until the final seconds of the bout appeared to be simply cheering on their wrestlers. It was Jerry Lynn who later hopped the rail and tripped up Chris Sabin, allowing Private Party to deliver their finisher – Gin & Juice – and score the victory.

It has not yet been announced when Private Party vs. The Good Brothers will take place.

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BREAKING: Matt Hardy & Private Party Make Surprise Appearance On IMPACT Wrestling



Matt Hardy has returned to IMPACT Wrestling for the first time since his controversial exit from the promotion in 2017, and he’s brought a Private Party with him!

The All Elite Wrestling stars made a surprise appearance on Tuesday night’s all new episode of IMPACT Wrestling, interrupting Chris Sabin and James Storm’s challenge to the Good Brothers for an IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match.

Hardy introduced Private Party to the IMPACT audience, claiming that they had the potential to be the “second best” tag team in professional wrestling history, after the Hardy Boyz of course.

Big Money Matt also brought up his last run with the company, stating that he and Jeff never technically lost the TNA World Tag Team Championships, rather they were taken away in a “stupid teleportation angle”.

In the end, it was decided that Private Party will battle Chris Sabin and James Storm – two absolute legends in the TNA/IMPACT tag team division – in tonight’s main event. The winners will receive a future title opportunity against the Good Brothers.

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