IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/8): The Era of Aries Begins, 4-Way Contender’s Match, Knockouts in Action


– NEXT WEEK: Eli Drake gets his rematch for the IMPACT World Championship

– This week’s GWN App throwback is Austin Aries defeating Bobby Roode to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time.


I’m not even sure what the names of these two “TECH” guys are. Trevor Lee is still wearing an LAX bandana that he stole last week, failing to speak Spanish while he bullies one of his opponents around like it’s a work-out. Konley has a beard now and Sonjay Dutt takes a shot at him finally going through puberty. This poor TECH kid hasn’t gotten in any offense and his partner is standing on the corner being useless. Trevor goes out to make him feel like he’s a part of the match, kicking him square in the jaw. The other guy takes a double team spike piledriver, and the Cult of Lee picks up an easy victory.

Winners: The Cult of Lee

– LAX is shown on the tron. Konnan cuts a promo saying that the Cult of Lee picked the wrong brothers to mess with. He

– Kiera Hogan is walking outside somewhere when Allie comes up and said she did a super, super duper job out there against Laurel Van Ness last week. They’ve got a rematch tonight, and Allie says that no matter what happens out there, if any funny business happens out there she’s got Hogan’s back. Someone delivers Allie a giant Valentines Day card from a secret admirer that asks her to meet her in the ring next week…

– Moose was interviewed backstage and said he played college football for four years and never got a chance to play in the National Championship. He was in the NFL for years and never got to play in the Super Bowl. Finally he’s been here in IMPACT Wrestling for quite some time now, and he’s never had a shot at the IMPACT World Championship, so he’s incredibly focussed on tonight’s #1 contender’s match.

Non-Title Match
KIERA HOGAN vs. Knockouts Champion LAUREL VAN NESS

Kiera is fired up for her second chance against the champion, but she’s quickly taken down by Crazy Laurel with a series of kicks and a running knee to the back of the head. She took several minutes working over Hogan with knees, kicks and slamming her head into the mat over and over again, mocking her the entire time. Kiera almost stole a pin with a rollup out of nowhere, but the champ kicked out and immediately went back to work. Laurel sent her opponent in the ropes HARD with a brutal whip, following with a jumping Unprettier for three.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness

– After the match Laurel started to put the boots to a totally incognitos Hogan. The referee tried to break it up but got shoved to the ground, as Matthews points out she’ll probably receive a fine if not a suspension for those action. Allie ran out from the back and fought off the champion, checking on Kiera before raising the Knockouts Championship in the air.

– EC3 is interviewed backstage about the importance of tonight’s #1 contender’s match. He talks about the controversy of whether he’s wrestling “here or there”, which is super ironic considering he’s now under a WWE contract. Carter says it doesn’t matter because wherever he goes he’s the best in the business.

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