IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/8): The Era of Aries Begins, 4-Way Contender’s Match, Knockouts in Action


– Creepy promo from Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong in a dark area somewhere backstage. Jimmy says he’s a nice guy and he tried to be reasonable with Joseph Park, but he refused to bring them

– Grand Champion Matt Sydal cuts a promo backstage with X-Division Champion Taiji Ishimoro. He talks about absorbing the energy of multiple champions to harness their collective potential, and speaks a little Japanese to Ishimori. Sydal thanks his new “spiritual mentor” for helping him find inner peace.


Nova tries to offer a handshake before the match but is slapped in the face for her kindness. Hania kicks her in the face and starts putting the boots to her in the corner, as the commentary team has just gone completely dark for several minutes now. When they do find something to talk about it’s how Sonjay is injured or they don’t know the name of the referee, who looks to be about 12-years-old. Hania hits a few slams and argues with the referee, then tried for a powerbomb but Nova slipped out of the move and connected with a nice enzuigiri. She followed with a series of dropkicks but the Huntress cuts her off and hits an inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Hania the Huntress

– Rosemary ran out after the match and attacked Hania from behind. The two trades blows but Hania was clearly no match for the former Knockouts Champion, and retreated up the ramp grasping her neck in pain.

– We’re looking through the eyes of a camera lens as somebody is clearly stalking Bobby Lashley in a parking lot somewhere and recording it. They catch up with Lashley and beat him down with pipes and a baseball bat before throwing him into the trunk of their car. The camera is turned around and the attackers are revealed to be OVE – Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist. Thumbs up, thumbs down.

#1 Contender’s Match

The match is already underway as we come back from commercial. EC3 is laid out after being thrown into the ring steps, and Alberto is hammering away on Moose with knife-edge chops. Alberto and EC3 realize their potential and start working together, making sure neither of their opponents could build up any momentum. Johnny rallied back and landed a few kicks to Patron and a swinging neckbreaker, as Moose is able to drag EC3 out of the ring to even the odds.

After another commercial the double team duo is back in control, working over Moose with a double DDT. Things quickly break down as Alberto turns on his partner and tries to steal a pin, and the two start trading wild rights and lefts. Johnny flies out of nowhere to take down both guys with a springboard senton. Moose fired back with huge kicks to both heels, but turned around into a superkick from Johnny to take all four men down.

The action spills to the outside and all around the building as we come back from the final commercial break of the night. Moose was apparently taken out backstage after a brutal attack by Patron and EC3, and is currently off screen being checked on by medics. Things are getting out of control as Alberto literally shoves Johnny into a trash can and throws it on its side. EC3 attacked him from behind with a crutch that he took from some random fan, until all three guys started brawling and eventually made it back to the ring.

Johnny got hit with a sick DDT that made him do a ridiculous front flip, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Still no update on Moose, who’s been gone for about five minutes at this point. EC3 and Patron go for a double superplex on their one remaining opponent, but Impact fought off both of them. Moose hobbles back into the ring on one good leg, and still manages to powerbomb both of the heels simultaneously. He hits Johnny with a clothesline and all four men are down.

Moose connects with a stiff headbutt to the jaw of EC3. He tries to run back and forth hitting Johnny and EC3 with clotheslines in the corner, but he can barely walk at this point and is really struggling. Patron catches him with a backstabber to give the big man some rest. They bralwed to the floor and Moose was kicked right in the knee to take him out of the match. EC3 almost stole it with a small package on Johnny, but Impact reversed into a pin of his own and got a suprise three-count!

Winner: Johnny Impact



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