Impact Wrestling Results: Rich Swann Defends the X-Division Title, RVD vs Willie Mack, Michael Elgin Sends a Message


Impact Wrestling Results
July 26, 2019

Jordynne Grace def. Kiera Hogan // Madison Rayne was on commentary for the match. At the end Grace did an Electric Chair drop on the floor, and rolled back in the ring. Madison helped Hogan get back in by the count of 9, but Grace pinned her.

— Brian Cage is interviewed backstage and talks about beating Michael Elgin at Slammiversary. That night Elgin got the match he wanted, but tonight Cage is getting the match he wants, and Big MIke isn’t coming back from it.

— Rosemary gets in Taya Valkyrie’s face backstage and makes it very clear that their partnership is over, because Taya and Johnny’s contracts expired at Slammiversary and she still hasn’t gotten her Knockouts title match.

— Sami Callihan is out next. He immediately calls out Tessa Blanchard, who joins him. Callihan figured their match at Slammiversary would have been a cake walk, but after that match, and after they teamed together in the Mashup Tournament, he’s ready to admit that he was wrong about her. He claims people should thank him and call him a hero, because Tessa’s whole thing was she wanted equality, and he was kind enough to give it to her. He says there’s no such thing as intergender wrestling – it’s just pro wrestling. He offers her a handshake and she accepts, but slaps her ass on the way out. Tessa didn’t like this at all, and laid him out from behind, dropped him with the Magnum, then gave him the “thumbs down” sign.

Moose def. Ray Steele // Total squash match. Moose got on the mic afterwards and says apparently being disloyal to the company is the only way to get their attention, bringing up the list of world champions they’ve crowned, who have all left. Meanwhile he’s been here all along, carried the company on his back (his words, not mine), and can’t get a title shot. He talks about beating RVD at SummerSlam and they gave him this nobody jobber to squash tonight. Moose went out and found the dead Ray Steele, and powerbombed him onto the apron.

— Madison Rayne approaches Kiera Hogan backstage and calls her a loser. Hogan fires back and says that’s funny coming from somebody who hasn’t won a match since 2011.

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Rob Van Dam def. Willie Mack // A battle of the Five Star and Six Star Frog Splashes! RVD got the win with his version of the move, after dodging a splash from Willie Mack and hitting him with a feint kick. Good back and forth match.

— We’re in the LAX clubhouse with Ortiz who is pissed off at the North because they injured his tag team partner Santana’s knee in their last match. Konnan tells him not to worry because he’s got a backup plan. He introduces the new member of LAX for the evening, Daga! Ortiz doesn’t like the matchup at first, and says he needs a real pitbull and Daga ain’t it. Some tension there.

Jake Crist def. Rich Swann (c) to become the new X-Division Championship // Awesome match. Both guys worked their asses off. Dave Crist got involved multiple times, and going into the finish Swann hit both the brothers with a double Lethal Injection. Madman Fulton throws him off the ropes while the referee is dealing with Dave, and Jake hits his finisher to win.

— oVe is celebrating backstage and Jake can’t believe he’s won the title. Sami says “we” won the title, and Jake reminds him that Sami lost to Swann in their title matches. Interesting…

— The main event is supposed to be the rematch between Brian Cage and Michael Elgin, but it doesn’t happen because Cage ends up literally crawling out of the curtain having been brutally attacked backstage. Elgin stalked him to the ring and casually beat him with a steel chair, before choking him out with it. He got on the mic and basically said tonight’s match wasn’t worth it because it’s non-title, so he might as well just send Cage to the hospital again. He gets another steel chair and gives the champ a conchairto, then took out a bunch of officials and security. He wraps the chair around Cage’s neck, but his wife Melissa Santos ran out and pleaded with Elgin to stop. The same masked guy from Slammiversary showed up and lined up for the spear, but Elgin hit him with the chair. ANOTHER masked man ran out and gored him, revealing himself to be Rhyno. GASP! I AM SHOOK.

So wait…who was the FIRST guy in a mask!?