Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results (7/7): Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blancahrd, Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin, Monster’s Ball


Impact Wrestling Slammiversary
July 7, 2019
Dallas, TX

— A super dramatic video package opens the show with footage of classic Slammiversary moments, as Mufasa talked about the history of Impact Wrestling, and the bright stars of tomorrow, or something. It was so over the top, but I loved it.


It’s superkick city to get this one started. TJP throws Trey into a tilt-a-whirl DDT taking out Crist in the first wild spot of the match, and Willie takes them both down with huge right paws. All four guys set up a ridiculous “domino effect” spot where Trey hit a neckbreaker on Crist, which triggered a DDT on Mack, who squashed TJP. I’m not sure how to better describe that insanity…

Jake is the first to dive to the outside, sending Mack into the barricade. Trey follows with a beautiful springboard shooting star, taking out everyone. TJP puts him in the Romero Special but Mack comes flying off the top rope, from off-screan, nearly killing both guys with a giant double foot stomp. He then turns TJP inside out with a shoulder tackle, but Trey nails the big man with a dropkick to the back of the head. Crist catches him with a nasty snapping powerslam into the bottom turnbuckle, but it’s not enough to put him away.

TJP and Jake trade hard kicks and strikes in a wild exchange. Trey off the top rope damn near decapitating Perkins with a diving meteora. Jake brawled with Miguel up to the top rope back and forth, and eventually caught him with the All Seeing Eye, a cutter from the very top rope. As soon as he hit the mat, though, Mack came flying out of nowhere again with the Six Star Frog Splash, squashing Jake! 1…2…3!

Winner: Willie Mack

— We are shown footage of The North stealing the Impact World Tag Team Championships at last night’s Bash at the Brewery event. Ethan Page wonders why everyone was so “shocked” that they won the titles. Was it LAX who was shocked? Was it the Rascalz who were shocked? He says anybody who knows who they are shouldn’t be shocked at all, and Alexander promises they will still be tag team champions leaving Slammiversary tonight.

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LAX attack the new champions before the bell and send them to the floor, followed by a pair of suicide dives from the flying Rascalz. Santana did a flip off Dezmond Xavier’s back into a nasty-looking cutter on Wentz. Josh Alexander then put Wentz in an ankle lock and held onto the hold while everyone else tried to break it up. Finally it took three guys superkicking him at once to break the hold, and Wentz got his revenge with a brutal knee strike in the corner, nearly taking the Canadian’s head off.

LAX hits a double facebuster combo on Alexander, but Page unceremoniously throws… somebody… on top of the pile to break up the pin. Dez rocks him with a jumping kick on the top rope, but the Walking Weapon makes the save, and scoops him up for a stunning moonsault press slam all the way to the floor. WOW. This is absolute insanity.

Things very suddenly get awkward, as Konnan is down on the floor telling the referee that Santana is hurt. More officials come down to check on him, and the other wrestlers didn’t seem to know what to do for a second. Alexander rolled up one of the Rascalz for a “nearfall”, although I’m pretty sure he actually counted three. They eventually got their mojo back setting up a series of crazy nearfalls, and The North stacked up somebody to win and retain the titles. I wish I could be more specific, but Santana injured on the outside is taking priority.

Winners & Still Champions: The North

— After the match The North quickly left with their titles, and a heard of officials and medics came out to help Santana. They want to put him on a stretcher but he tells them he wants to walk out instead, so Konnan and Ortiz help him walk to the back.


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